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The Voice of God

God has neither abandoned us nor forsaken us.

God has answered our prayers, but we are so consumed by our problems, and our self pity that we are not listening to God's answers.


God is in hearts, not in religion and God talks to us within our heart. Whenever we know what is true within our heart, we know because God has communicated with us. The difficult step is to listen to what is within our heart, especially when what is within our heart is contrary to what we want, or when we are too afraid to listen to what is within our heart, to listen to God.


God can assist us to avoid experiences by talking to us within our heart, but if we do not listen to what is within our heart, God cannot remove the consequences of our inability to listen to God's words.


Blaming God will not help us. Nor will blaming ourself because we did not listen to God. The key is to learn from our experience, and to listen to the words of God within our heart in the future.

  We must maintain our trust in God, by listening to what is in our heart.
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