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An all powerful, all knowing, all seeing God gives us a set of rules to live by. By definition God must know that we will be unable to live by the set of rules. So after letting us live and die with very little hope of going to heaven for a few thousand years, God sent his only son to suffer and die on our behalf so that God can be loving enough to forgive us for being as God the creator, created us, and how God the omnipresent, knew that we would turn out.


In time God will get fed up and bored with the whole thing and send angels, under the supervision of his son, to dispose of the lot of us who did not follow the rules many of which clearly have no purpose other than to pander to the insecurities which an all knowing, all seeing, all powerful, God, cannot possibly have.


The only way that this can possibly begin to make sense is if, we have created God in the image of man. We have looked at our own reflection, and knowing we are created in the image of God, we have added 2 plus 2, come with 5 and created God in our reflected image.


Consider the conception of God, all powerful, all knowing, perfect etc. Why would God have a need for an Apocalypse? The concept of an apocalypse is petty. 'Live your life my way, or I will end existence and you will be damned for eternity.' Is there anyone who could search their soul and say with honesty that these sound like the words of God? Do any really believe that an all powerful God would be so petty? Surely the only ones who would be so petty is man.


The concept that 'God is love and, if we do not find this love, God will cast us into the flames of hell for eternity' is illogical.

  God is within. God is pure love. God has no wrath.

God's Promise.


God's promise exists in one form or another, in most religions, and yet God's promise is consistent in that God's promise has been reversed by misinterpretation.


God is God. Why would God need to make a deal? Why would God need, or want to make an agreement, a contract, a covenant?


God is pure love, and pure love is by it's nature unconditional. Pure love does not make itself available to us, only if we meet pure love's terms. This very concept is a nonsense.God's promise is more than a promise, in fact God's promise is not really a promise, God's promise is a statement of fact. When we find God we will…..


God's promise is not a promise to made and kept, or perhaps broken. God's promise is not a promise, because God's promise cannot be broken. God's promise is a statement of fact.


We make this statement of fact into a covenant, or a promise, because we need to understand at our level, and to understand at our level we have created God's word and God in our reflected image, instead of accepting that we are in God's image. We have created God's word and God in our image, because we do not understand God's image.


God's image is easy for us to understand. We have all experienced, we have all felt God's image from time to time. God's image is pure love, God is pure love and we are created in God's image so we are pure love.

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What's New

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