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When our fear based environment becomes a love based environment the beauty of the earth plane will become more beautiful, the joy of the earth plane will become more joyful and the love of the earth plane will encompass everything. This is how the earth plane was once experienced and this is how the earth plane will be experienced again.


It Is Time…..


Has not all that has occurred in the twentieth century alone, been enough hell for us? Have not many of the events of the twentieth century been caused by fear, a fear that is also the devil? Is it not time for the beginning of the love based existence which will prevail until the end of the incarnation of the earth plane?


If we doubt that it is time for our new love based existence, we should look around us. We will see that questions are being asked in every form possible, throughout all religions, all cultures, all philosophies. It is the sheer weight of these questions which have themselves created the answer. The answer is within. We must look within, because within ourselves is where the answer will be found.


As we become increasingly aware that love is the true nature of everything, this love will feed upon itself and grow as love consumes the fear of the earth plane.

If we all take a moment to review our lives, we will see that love is more powerful than fear and that love can overcome fear in our own lives.

If we then apply what we have seen within our own lives to the earth plane, we can see that love will overcome fear, and in time the earth plane will become love based, not fear based.


The basis for those who govern the world whether it is a dictatorship, a democracy or somewhere in between, is fear. Our earth plane existence is based on fear. The difference in the world will occur when our earth plane existence is based on love. It is said that a love based existence requires us to view the world with rose coloured glasses. If this is so, then rose coloured glasses should be made available to us all.

Our governments reflect the population, us. Governments are fear based because we have chosen to live fear based lives. If we were to choose to live love based lives, then those in government would reflect this. This will occur because we are now seeking the truth, and therefore the love.

That the world is fear based is simply choice. A choice to experience a fear based world. That the basis of our earth plane existence will change is also choice. Choice to experience a love based world. Either choice is neither right nor wrong, it is simply experience. That living within love is far more rewarding than living in fear is fact, and both need to be experienced for us to become aware of this fact.

The key to living in a love based society is for each of us to choose to live a love based existence. It is that simple. As more of us choose a love based existence, we will become the majority and then the basis of society. It is that simple. No one person will or can change society. This has been demonstrated. Each of us must make our own choice to live in the love and through our choices, society will alter from fear based to love based. A love based earth plane will occur because we are seeking a love based earth plane existence, however the choice for each of us is individual.


There will come a time when the sovereignty of borders will be seen for what it is, an illusion. All will reside where they choose with an even distribution of resources. The inequalities of distribution of earth resources has been convenient to allow souls to experience suffering and hunger. In terms of the earth plane much of the difficulties which were chosen to be experienced have now been experienced. Thus the earth plane is moving to this position. The choice of the individual changes the circumstances of that individual and the choices of society changes the circumstances of society.

It is because of these changes in conjunction with the increase in those seeking the truth that the truth is now being found within. This is no coincidence. At a higher level, we are aware of the limited time remaining in this phase of the earth plane.

Over the next millennium, we will experience a peaceful and joyful existence in preparation for ascending to the higher plane.

We need only look around us to see the changes taking place. However, changes need to take place over a period of time. Changes cannot take place overnight, because changes like all things must be experienced.

Now that the disease of artificial fulfilment has begun to consume itself, reality is being sought. Within five lifetimes the disease of artificial fulfilment will have almost consumed itself and most of us will live a peaceful and joyful existence and view the world as it is.

We need have no concern for the future of the earth plane. Everything has progressed as it was foreseen and much negativity has been experienced. Much of the remaining time of the earth plane will be the experience of the positive nature of the earth plane and the true beauty of that which God has created.


The change from a fear based environment to a love based environment will be brought about by the choice of us on the earth plane. The change from a fear based environment to a love based environment will not and cannot be brought about by any other way. Unless the change from a fear based environment to a love based environment is by choice, it is not real.


We are governed by fear. Fear dominates our thoughts. This is both the cause and the product of the fear based environment that the earth plane has become. This is a result of artificial fulfilment and this is why those from other physical planes watch the earth plane so closely. There will come a time when we will be governed by love not fear. When this occurs, our fear based environment will become a love based environment.


The new world order has already started and the new world order is very different from what has been predicted, or expected. The new world order is a new order of a love based society which will replace the fear based society which has been the environment which we have chosen to experience for many thousands of years. We are only at the beginning, the snowball has started to form. The snowball will grow, the snowball will continue to build on itself but it will take many hundreds of years before love really becomes the fabric of our environment.

The important point is that the new order has begun and what has begun cannot be halted. More and more of us will choose to see the reality of love. As we do this, the love that is the true fabric of existence will feed upon itself.


Society will change and society will change the only way that society can change, through changing the fabric of society from fear based to love based. The fabric of society will not change through political means, or through a crusade by true believers. If this did occur it would not change the fabric of society. All that would effectively change is the agenda of the fear based society.

The change which will occur will come from within, from within each soul. As more and more of us change the basis of our individual existence from fear based to love based, the fabric of society will change accordingly. The fabric of society is a product and a reflection of those within the society. If our existence is fear based, then society is fear based.

This change will only occur through the change of environment within the majority, often referred to as the silent majority. The average, everyday person who does not have a political agenda and does not attempt, often successfully, to impose the will of a minority on the majority.

It will not be the will of minorities, however well intentioned, which will change the fabric of society. It is the will of the majority choosing to replace a fear based environment to a love based environment which will allow the change to occur.

It is not a change that will be imposed, it is a change that will occur. Many who thrive within a fear based environment will attempt to perpetuate the fear based environment and for a time they will succeed.

However the change will occur as we come Full Circle, and this process which has now begun cannot be reversed. The result will be a love based society. The change has begun and the change will continue as the majority seek the truth of existence and allow the changes to occur.


There have been many societies which have ruled for centuries and then disappeared. When a specific society's a way of life no longer needs to be experienced, the purpose for existence is complete. All societies are created by the collective choice of those within the society. When the collective choice ceases, there is no means to maintain the society and it therefore ceases. It is by this principle that the fear based society will end and the love based society will be chosen to replace it.


The best way to release stress, or to prevent ourselves from accumulating unresolved experience, is through love. When we consider our own lifetimes, we see that whenever we exist within an environment of love, we do not feel the stress regardless of what occurs around us. When we are filled with love there is no room to retain any other experience. If we look to our own lifetimes we can see within our lifetimes how this principle, if applied to all souls consistently will create a love based environment for us to exist within. This is exactly how it will happen. This is exactly how the fear based society will become a love based society.


There will be no second coming heralding the end of the world. What has been determined to be the second coming is simply a completion of what was started. The only way that the world will end is that the fear based existence will end. The basic truth is a love based God will replace the fear based God. What will end is a fear based existence and what will begin is a love based existence. This has been interpreted that the world will end and that those who have accepted what has Jesus said, will reside in heaven. The basic concept is correct, but the interpretation in itself is a nonsense.

Consider what many have determined will happen. God in the physical form of Jesus, the God of love, will return to earth, punish those who have not accepted this love and take those who have accepted this love to live in a paradise. How could the God of love, the God who is love, punish those who do not return that love? What do those who have chosen to believe this think that pure love is? The very concept in itself is such a gross contradiction that it is a nonsense!

Those who accept that a love based society is possible will exist within a love based society, and we will reach a point where all souls share a love based existence. The fear based existence will end.

The end of the world is the end of the fear based existence, and heaven is the love based existence. This is apparent and it is also apparent that punishment and destruction cannot possibly fit into this equation. How could they?


The true Second Coming is here. The Second Coming is when many will see Jesus and talk with Jesus, not in physical form but on the spirit plane. The Second Coming will be a period of great love on earth. A period of 'heaven on earth'. The second coming will last a millennium. Fifteen lifetimes. The Second Coming will resurrect existence into a love based existence. This love based existence is not for a chosen few, but for all who choose. We need only choose a love based existence to know that the second coming is true.


Our generation is both the last generation of a fear based earth plane, and the first generation of the love based earth plane. The death of a fear based existence and the birth of the love based existence has been interpreted as the end of the world.


When we experiences an illusion, the experience is reversed because only love exists in reality. Difficult experiences on the earth plane produce the reverse effect on the higher plane because only love exists on the higher plane. However, a love based experience on the earth plane cannot be reversed because only love exists on the higher plane.

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