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Spiritual Development Course #2

  Lesson Fourteen-Past Lives

A Second 12 part Spiritual development Class.

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  Past Lives


You are sitting in a roomful of people and things are seemingly normal, then someone walks up to you and says something, it could be anything, and you feel as though you have been frozen then thrown back to another moment.

All is so familiar, yet so distant that you cannot grasp on to it. Still there are vague images and memories eluding your conscious thoughts.

Was it the person? Was it the words spoken? Was it the place you were at? You do not really know, you just feel that you had been there before.......

"De'Ja Vu" you whisper under your breath and go on, but not without an empty feeling of something being amiss in your being.

All of us have felt this, granted some more than others, and I am assuming that is why you are reading this. You know that these occurrences have a meaning, and you are now ready and preparing to explore them as far as possible. You have accepted that you have lived before this life. That you are a travelling soul and have had maybe more than one life before this and are ready to discover who you were and what has contributed to the self you now know yourself to be.


This now brings us to realization of the Karmic Law to its fullest. What and who we have been in our past lives has a definite effect on what and who we are now. Meaning, all that we have done and all that we have been results in our 'reaping of what we have sown' from the past into this life.

Do not let this frighten you, for the upswing is that you may have been a Saint and all is well. Even if this is not the case and you were a tyrant and seller of slaves, you can look at this and examine how to rectify this in the here and now.

Please know that you cannot change what is in the past, but you certainly can take that knowledge and apply it to this life, repairing your ways of thinking and thus repairing repeated patterns of behaviour (especially the negative) and turn your life's path towards the good and forward movement your heart and soul are yearning to walk.

For with doing this you will be freeing your soul of the chains of the past, which will enable you to move forward on the path to uniting in the Universal Love of the Goddess (or whatever label you use for the universal life force), and truly becoming One with Total Creation.

  A Word On Meditation
  I cannot presume to lead you into a Meditative State of mind, sorry. Exercises that you may attempt and master can only offer guidelines, but the attaining of a Meditative State is yours to find. It takes diligent practice and then more diligent practice.

You are the Captain of that ship, and any exercises you may choose can only help plot your course. Self Regression requires a complete meditative state, as does Astral practices and other Rituals. So, I say to you, if you have not yet learned to do this, please take the time and enhance your total life with learning to meditate. You will benefit from this in more ways than one.

Unfortunately, if you cannot attain a meditative state your attempts to Self Regressions (and any other Practices) will be disappointing. As you will see, there are few Rituals that do not instruct some form of meditation. So, with this in mind, do not go any further until this lesson has been learned, for it will only thwart your desires and your success to regressing, making it a seemingly futile task.


  Self Cleansing

You must first prepare a bowl of the Primary herbs and your selected secondary herbs. (See lesson thirteen).

Then go to a private place and undress completely. Sit quietly and take some deep breaths to centre yourself and let yourself slip into a light Meditation. Once you have calmed your mind and body, you then take the bowl of smouldering herbs and place them on a terra cotta tile or other heat-proof surface in the middle of the room. (Adding herbs as needed).

  You Are Ready To Begin
  *Note: If right handed start Ritual on right foot and visa-versa.
  Facing the North you slowly step through the herbal smoke saying "Goddess, may you bless my soul as I journey back to realize my true self and release the chains of my past. As the smoke surrounds me I am protected by your love."
  *Note: These are just a sample, your words should be from your heart, but words of Blessing are needed.
  This step has put you on the North side of the container, turn slowly, you will now be facing south, you then repeat stepping through the smoke and repeating your words. You slowly turn again (you will be facing north) and you step to the east side of the container (check to be sure there are still enough herbs burning) then face west, step through the smoke, repeating the words, turn slowly, you will be facing east, and step again through the smoke and say the words one last time. At this point affirm the Goddess, or Universal Life Force, or whatever your preferred deity and your Guides aid and thank both for helping with your journey.
  *Note: In your words you should incorporate Blessings of all in your past lives, All you may encounter on your journey, be it a stranger or your Guide, but do not forget to Bless Yourself.
  The Meditation-Step One
  Find a comfortable position, either laying or sitting, take a series of three slow, deep, cleansing breathes and focus on asking the Goddess, or the Universal Life Force, or whatever your preferred deity to guide and protect you on this journey.

As you feel yourself relaxing, start releasing your mind of all your present surroundings and worries, releasing them with each exhale you breathe, allowing your mind, heart and soul to relax into this exercise.

Feel the Goddess or the Universal Life Force, or whatever your preferred deity wrapping you in her loving arms, engulfing you in her soft warm light, leaving your mind and heart clear and receptive.

Take all the time you need, this is an important step to master.

  The Meditation-Step Two.
  Once your mind is clear and you feel ready, start to build a staircase in your mind. It can be made of whatever you like, marble, wood etc, curved or straight, and it can lead up or down, this too is your choice.

You may want your stairway bathed in the Goddess or Universal light to help dispel any doubts or fears, it can be dark also. This is for your comfort (Breathe).

Once you have started building your staircase ascend or descend as each stair appears one stair at a time, relaxing with each step. When you have reached a level of comfort to you form a landing. From this landing you create a hallway, again this can be light or dark, leading away from the staircase.

  Note: Deciding your architecture before hand is a good idea, for it saves your mind from having to 'consciously' think on this matter which results in not achieving the meditation level you need to reach.
  Breathe: Throughout the meditation remember to keep your breathing at an even pace, slow and deep; releasing and cleansing with each exhale.
  The Meditation-Step Three
  As you look down the hallway, start creating doors on each side. (Breathe) Behind each door is one of your past lives. (Breathe) You now decide which door you want to enter. Do not ponder this question, just allow yourself to go to one.

As you open the door, you will be in a different place filled with people and events that you have known before. It will be up to you to enter or just stay at the door and observe.

If you enter you will experience a more expanded version of this life, but at no time will you be able or allowed to alter or change any event or situation. Nor will you be able to feel anything physically or be in any danger whatsoever of what you have experienced in that life.

You will be able to understand the lessons you were trying or should have been learning at this point and the reasons why. When you feel you have seen enough or start to feel apprehensive, simply just turn and walk out and shut the door.

  Note: If you reach for a door handle and it disappears, this is because it is a life that you do not want to see, or are not ready to see. Do not be discouraged, for this is the emotional and spiritual protection you have asked of the Goddess or the Universe. Trust your protection and yourself and continue on to the next door that feels comfortable.
  The Meditation-Step Four
  You may then continue to another door or start back down the hall, to the landing and start ascending or descending the stairs, slowly bringing yourself out of the meditation.

After you are back to the here and now, I suggest you lay and rest. This is the perfect time to thank the Goddess, the Universal Life Force, or whatever your preferred deity for the protection and warmth, and to affirm your devotion.

When fully aware gather every memory you have of this journey. Keeping a diary at this time is an excellent way to keep things clear for future reference, writing down what or who you have seen, heard, your surroundings and so on.

This will help you draw conclusions on the time frame, who you were involved with and even who you were. Most importantly, it will help you to see the lesson(s) that you need to become aware of to apply to this life.


This is one of the easiest exercises I have found to take this particular journey. If you are not successful at completing the stairway, making it down the hall or opening a door the first time you try, do not give way to doubt and just realize the progress you have made and know you are one step closer to achieving your goal.

The important thing is to keep trying. The path you have decided to take spans over many years, most likely, so you may not arrive on your first time out, but trust you will arrive.

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