Adaptation of…
Soul Searching Questions

Selected and Compiled by

Angel Shadow

Sacred Circle

Twenty Five Soul Searching Questions


Angel Shadow has collected a series of twenty five soul searching questions from a variety of sources, some of them anonymous. The soul searching questions are presented as a starting point to allow you to focus on a specific question as you begin a quiet reflection.

Select whichever question you are drawn to by clicking on one of the buttons below. Reflect on the question and allow your subconscious to take you where it will.

You may be drawn to reflect upon the same questions several times before you have explored the question, or your answer fully. You may also be drawn to revisit a question several months after you have originally reflected on the question to enable you to understand how your answer has changed as your awareness has increased with experience.

It is important to remember that there is no correct answer to the soul searching questions, and that every answer to the soul searching questions is correct. What is important, and all that is important is that you allow yourself to reflect upon whatever questions, if any that you are drawn to reflect upon.

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Question Two
Question Three
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Question Five
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