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Whether we like it or not, numbers are an integral part of our lives and we must use numbers in order to perform even the most basic tasks. Entire concepts of thought have been based on various number systems which have been developed throughout the ages.

Scholars throughout history have actually postulated that the secret to the universe lies in a mathematical algorithm which is yet to be discovered.

Pythagoras, a mathematician and philosopher in Samos in the 6th century BC, is well known for developing many geometrical theorems still taught today, believed in transmigration of souls and that explanations could be found in terms of the vibratory influences attributed to each number.

One area of our lives where numbers seem to prevail is in our work. We must have at least a basic level of numeracy to perform even the most menial of tasks, because the society that we live in is so sophisticated, and therefore we use numbers on an unconscious level much more than we realise.

While the most prominent fields which use mathematics are finance and engineering, practically every walk of life uses the science of numbers to for example; tell time, count money or collate information.


While we all pursue different career paths and work within our given professions in diverse ways, the numbers that relate to our working life provide clues as to the type of work that we do, and how we go about accomplishing our work.

The numbers that tend to relate most significantly to our working life are our social security or national security numbers as well as employee numbers and badge numbers. Additionally, our career paths can change as our numbers change.

For instance, an American who had a social security number which equated to the base number of 4 worked in a fast food restaurant ,and then for the armed forces for 15 years, but when she moved to the United Kingdom and was given a national security number which computed to the base number of 5, the work that she was able to secure changed dramatically to that of the secretarial and administrative profession, thus changing her career path dramatically.


It is a relatively easy process to calculate the various numbers, including badges, passes and staff numbers to give and indication as to what type of work we will be doing, as well as what our working environment will be like, within our day to day routine:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Each letter in the alphabet corresponds to a numerical equivalent and is added together with any numbers to form a base. All numbers are computed to reach a total, and if the result if greater than 9, simply add the digits of the resulting number until a base number from 1 to 9 is obtained.

A person who has a staff number of 3306 would be calculated as follows:

3 + 3 + 0 + 6 = 12 = 1 + 2 = 3

A person who has a badge number of 22C would be computed (C is the numerical equivalent of 3) as follows: -

2 + 2 + 3 = 7


If the number one is prominent in your list of numbers you will tend to find yourself in a leadership position as others will look to you for guidance. Even if you have not been formally put in a position of power, you will find yourself to be a forerunner among your peer group as others follow your lead.

You will quite often find that you have been put in charge of others and will therefore work alone, as you must learn to separate yourself from your subordinates. Even amongst a crowd you will be expected to set an example and therefore must set yourself apart from your colleagues.

You enjoy being the centre of attention and will therefore seek out roles where you can be in the spotlight. While you will work for others in your climb up the career ladder because you know it is necessary, you will strive to be in a position where you can make your own rules, and will endeavour to find your own forte within your day to day activities.

While working on your own, you will use your creativity, which helps to keep you from becoming bored with less than exciting tasks.



If two is among your list of important working numbers you will quite often find yourself to be in a caretaker position in that you are required to look after people and objects while the management is engaged in other activities.

You will find that you must work with others to accomplish agreed goals and any relationships you develop at work will tend to influence your career in a positive or negative fashion. It is therefore a good idea to utilise your skills of diplomacy in order to make friendly contacts who will be able to return favours when you need them most.

You may find yourself embroiled in the midst of entanglements, though not necessarily through your own efforts, but because others may see you as a convenient outlet to direct any problems. At times you may feel misunderstood as others do not seem to be on your wavelength, and for this reason you may believe that those closest to you have betrayed you in some ways.

You like to be comfortable and will seek to give your place of employment a homey atmosphere.



If three is among your principal numbers you will find yourself working in an expansive environment.

You may find that you must travel quite extensively during the course of your duties, because there is much to accomplish on a global scale. If you do not already possess the required skills, you will find that you must attend courses in order to achieve the level of expertise necessary to perform your role. Failure to do so could jeopardise your livelihood and ultimately your salary. It is quite likely that you will be generously rewarded for your work, so money will not necessarily be a problem.

You may, however, have difficulties managing your resources as you find that you can spend money just as easily as you earn it.


If four is among your principal numbers you will find that you take a no nonsense approach to your work and tend to get down to the business at hand.

Others may find you a bit off putting, because you prefer to take the direct approach and can be rather abrupt, until they realise that it is merely a part of your demeanour. When under pressure you can react aggressively, so you may need to take time to calm down, lest you make adversaries of people who you need as your allies.

At times, others can perceive you as a bull in a china store, because in your quest for immediate satisfaction, you may do damage elsewhere.

You may find yourself working in any industry that demands quick results, such as fast food, the police, the military or fire fighting.


If five is one of your principal numbers you will likely find yourself in the service industry, such as a secretary, administrator or personal assistant.

You could also find yourself working for the government in some capacity, because government work provides you with the job security that you seek.

You could find yourself involved in information technology such as an analyst, programmer or computer operator. As a rule you will find that you are rarely idle because when you finish one project another will materialise to give you a great deal of mental stimulus to deal with an often hectic schedule.

You will find that you direct your energies into several different areas of expertise and earn money through more than one source, because you become bored quite easily and need variety.


If six is prominent among your working numbers you will find yourself engaged in many relationships during the course of your career.

You would be well suited to a customer service or counselling role, because you have the ability to listen to others' problems.

You will need the co-operation of others in order to accomplish goals and must therefore develop a pleasant personality.

You are very much a team player and will be well liked among your superiors and peers alike.

You can, however, but can succumb to jealously so it is best to understand this so you can keep that green monster at bay.

You would be well suited to sales and marketing, because this type of work requires you to use your ability to develop and build upon partnerships during the course of your work.


If seven is among your principal numbers you are quite intuitive, if not psychic, and can use this gift in your work to help you succeed and gain a greater understanding of what motivates those around you.

You can be quite elusive about your duties, because you are in no great hurry to let people in on the secret that you have found what is in fact your comfort zone.

You may find yourself working with pharmaceuticals, chemicals or other gaseous vapours. Equally, you will be at home working in hospitals, prisons or other large institutions.

You can, however, become rather depressed when your career aspirations have not worked out according to plan and therefore should develop a life outside of work during those times when you feel less than settled.


If eight is among your basic numbers you will find that you quite often must learn the details of your job through experience.

You will tend to put a great deal of effort into your work, but will often feel misunderstood, as others do not seem appreciate what you are able to achieve to assist in the organisation's efforts.

You may aspire to business or politics, and would like to go all the way to the top of your chosen career path, even though you will have much to accomplish along the way.

You see yourself as very career oriented and will put all of your energies into your career, even if this means that you must bring your work into the home. Your reputation is very important to you, so it is important to take great care in the milieu that you mix with so that your reputation is not tarnished in any way.


If nine is among your principal working numbers you will find that your role will be changing frequently as new developments often crop up when you least expect them. Therefore, you must be flexible and open to new ideas to stay abreast of the changes which will be taking place within your sphere of expertise.

You will feel most comfortable working with science, technology and will therefore seek out the more advanced, sophisticated roles in order to hone your skills.

You can appear impetuous as it is not uncommon for you to suddenly change your mind.

You should therefore keep your plans close to yourself, until you are certain that they are the best course of action for all concerned. Although you possess many unique ideas, the less enlightened may not fully appreciate your unique ideas.


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