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The Abbotts Freely give higher spiritual knowledge including e books, lessons, articles and channelling to enlightened people of all religions and beliefs.


  Who are The Abbotts?

The Abbotts are a married couple who feel their life mission is to write and teach about the spiritual aspects of our daily lives, in an enjoyable, practical and easily understood manner. Their writings and teachings are non-denominational.

Tony J. Abbott is an accomplished Channeller of Higher Spiritual beings and an originator of the Hermetic and Helix Healing Techniques and Sacred Healing and Self Development Cards. He has taught many courses on Spiritual and Psychic Development and has had many unusual spiritual experiences, including a Near Death Experience at the age of eighteen.

Robyn Abbott channels Higher Spiritual Beings and is a trained Hypnotherapist, Clairvoyant and accomplished Channeller of The Ascended Masters. She is also a Hermetic and Helix Healing Therapist and has for many years, taught spiritual and psychic development classes.

As The Abbotts, Robyn and Tony wish to spread practical, easy to read and simple to understand material to help everyone awaken to their spiritual and psychic potential. They have had many articles published in Spiritual magazines and newspapers world-wide.


This selection of shared teaching contains excerpts from channelled messages received by The Abbotts from beings known as the ascended masters. These are enlightened beings who have lived upon Earth, in various incarnations, and who wish to share their Higher wisdom.

Never Fear Death
Question Of Rituals
The Game Of Life
Vibrations of Colour and Sound
Becoming A Master
Wisdom From Ancient Egypt
Using Psychic Power Wisely
Message Of Love and Light
Unconditional Love
Winds Of Change
Masters Of Your Own Life
Great School Of Earth
Spiritual Development Course
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