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Angel Shadow is the founder and editor in chief of Shadows & Light Magazine. Her goal is to make you think about the issues taking place in the world. One way to do that is through the written word. Whether it be through short stories, poetry, essays, or articles, once the written word is in place, it can stand the test of time for generations to come. Through Shadows & Light, she hopes to bring awareness to the issues humanity is facing. To open eyes and heal hearts. To make people question the status quo and begin thinking for themselves. There is always a message in the written simply has to become aware.


Angel Shadow has been writing for over ten years and many of her personal growth articles and stories can be found on various online newsletters and websites.

She is a regular contributor to Peter Shepherd's Cultivate Life! Magazine ( and her articles can be found in his CounterPoint Library under the Happiness & Wellbeing, Emotional Intelligence, Creativity/Career, and Spiritual Development categories. Her short story, The Shadow People, can be found on Peter's site as well.


She has online public writing profiles at and

For years, Angel Shadow was the creator/editor of a free online newsletter, Sacred Circle, and is ready to take this to the next level with the print magazine, Shadows & Light.

As a survivor, she is an avid supporter of the movement against child abuse/neglect and domestic violence and volunteers her time and efforts in bringing awareness and assistance to this important issue.

Angel Shadow has written a screenplay, Clover Hill, and a poetry book, Healing. She doesn't consider herself a novel writer and has no interest in moving in that direction. Her writing consists of short stories, personal growth articles, poetry, and screenplays.


"It's important to me, as a writer, that my words stand the test of time and bring awareness to important issues.The written word can reach around the world to heal. That is my goal. To bring balance to the light and dark side that lies within us all. Only then can true healing take place."

- Angel Shadow

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FAQ about Shadows & Light Magazine


1) Since you're a writer, will you put your own stories and poetry in the magazine?

Absolutely! It's one of the reasons I started the magazine. For over ten years, I've been submitting (and literally giving away) my writing to other magazines and publishers, waiting for them to decide its fate. With Shadows & Light, I no longer have to do that. I will write one original short story and poem for each issue. In addition, I will spotlight other short stories and poems from other writers.

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2) Are you having the magazine printed by a printing professional or will you be publishing it yourself?

I will be publishing the magazine myself. I recently purchased a magazine layout program designed for this purpose.

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3) Do you have experience publishing a magazine?

For years, I did a free online monthly newsletter. This really isn't any different...I'm simply printing it and mailing it subscribers rather than laying it out in an online format.

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4) How do I know once I send you my money, I'll get your magazine? How do I know this isn't a scam?

Shadows & Light Magazine has been registered with the State of Oregon as a business and business accounts have been set up. Since checks/money orders are made out to "Shadows & Light Magazine," I wouldn't be able to cash them without a business account under that name. If after the first issue, you're not satisfied with the magazine, I'll give you a refund. (You'll have to trust my word on that.)
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5) Is your magazine an online magazine or a print magazine?

Shadows & Light is a print/subscription magazine. It's a project I've wanted to do for years and I now have the time and ability to do it. It fell into place effortlessly.

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6) Do you pay contributing authors for their stories and poetry?

At this time, authors will be paid with contributors copies. This will change in the future. As a writer, I understand the frustrations of giving your work away. Once I get Shadows & Light off the ground, authors will definately be paid for their work.

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7) How much does it cost to subscribe?

Full subscription details are in the blog. (Also below in email)

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8) How do I submit a story for consideration?

All submission details/deadlines can be found on the MySpace page. (Also below in email)
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9) Do you have an official website?


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10) How big is your magazine?

The dimensions are approx. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches (think Readers Digest), 40-45 pages. Pages will vary by issue and will most likely increase with time.

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11) Will the short stories you write for the magazine be published online?

No. Any short stories I write for the magazine will be exclusive for the magazine and will not be published openly online. 

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12) Can I get a single issue of the magazine before I subscribe?
Yes. If you'd like to receive a single issue, send $5.00 (US Currency) by check or money order payable to:

Shadows & Light Magazine
PO Box 1171
Clackamas, Oregon 97015

Upon receipt of your payment, you will be sent the current issue.

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13) Will there be advertisements in your magazine? Can I advertise in your magazine?
I don't plan on having Shadows & Light be a magazine full of advertisements. If, in the future, I decide to accept advertisements, there will be a couple of pages in the back of the magazine for business card size ads. No half or full page ads will be accepted. Nothing frustrates me more than to flip through a magazine and have 90% of it full of ads for the latest perfume or clothing trend. I have no interest in having Shadows & Light move in that direction. My goal is to have this magazine full of personal growth information that can change lives and help move our world in a positive direction. If I do choose to advertise/promote, it will be for businesses/individuals that are helping make the world a better place.

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Subscription Information


$20.00 (US Currency) for 4 Issues/Year
(January, April, July and October)


Make checks/money orders payable to: Shadows & Light Magazine

Send check/money order to:

Shadows & Light Magazine
PO Box 1171
Clackamas, Oregon 97015

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Get a free one year subscription to Shadows & Light Magazine.

For every four subscribers you send to Shadows & Light Magazine, you will receive a free one year subscription. To qualify, you must have your friends/family send a note with your name and address (naming you as the person who referred them) with their subscription.

Simply put, if I receive four subscriptions that state you referred them, you get a free one year subscription.

Please help spread the word! The first issue is out in January 2009.

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Shadows & Light Magazine
First Issue~January 2009

Submission Guidelines


All submissions should be sent to:


We do not want (in any category): Gore, rape, pedophile, etc...Use common sense.


Deadline for first issue: October 14, 2008.

Submissions received after this date will be considered for future issues.


Short Stories:

We accept submissions in the following genres: Literary, Mainstream, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Horror (tastefully done, no Gore), Action/Adventure, Romance, Historical Fiction, Speculative Fiction, Science Fiction, and Fantasy.

We are not looking for stories with explicit sexual content.

Short stories should be approximately 2,000-3,000 words. We're not going to be sticklers for word count, but this is a good guideline of what we're looking for. We publish four short stories per issue.



We are open to all types of poetry that fall within the accepted genres of short stories. Poetry should be a maximum of 800 words. We publish three-five poems per issue.



We want essays and articles that deal with self-help, humanitarian, abuse, health and world issues. Keep word count at approximately 1,600 words.
We also need submissions in this category for seasonal writing. For example, in the October-December issue, we want to spotlight the holiday season.


Book Excerpts:

We accept book excerpts up to 1,000 words. Please make sure to include the title and all contact/bio information. We spotlight two books per issue.


Kudos Award:

We're looking for outstanding people and organizations doing outstanding things. If you know someone who fits the bill, we want to hear about them. Tell us why they deserve the Kudos Award. There will be two awards in each issue; one for adults and one for teens, so we need submissions for both. Keep word count at approximately 800 words.


Positive Outlook (Teen Section):

We encourage submissions from teens in all of the above categories, as this section of the magazine will focus on teen issues. The editors of Shadows & Light want to hear from the voice of the future. Follow the guidelines for each category when submitting.

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