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El Collie
  Dedicated to the memory of El Collie.

El Collie


El Collie spent many years working on her book 'Branded By The Spirit', which she had not finished it when she died in April 2002.

El's experience was unique to her, just as all spiritual awakenings are unique.

Please respect the fact that this is El's writing, but please feel free to share it with any individual that may benefit from it.

El Collie's awakening was long and at times very difficult, we tended to emphasize those aspects of Kundalini, but there were some individuals that had mild and even profoundly positive experiences as well.

Our newsletters tended to be more concerned with the difficult aspects because the people going through them were helped to know they were not alone in their experiences and that they were not defective or bad for having a painful and difficult time.


Holy Water

  This collage came to me in a dream: I was in a wooded park and glanced into the distance to behold the most monumental, magnificent waterfall I had ever seen. I was absolutely transfixed.When I awoke, I created Holy Water, which now graces my dining room wall.

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