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By Story Waters

About Story Waters

Story Waters is a spiritual author seeking to empower people to discover and follow the light of their own being. Through his writing, rather than seeking to give people just another spiritual framework of ‘how things are’, he looks to bring out his reader’s inner magical divine Self in all of its glory. He seeks for his readers to connect with, trust in, and follow their own spirit above any external person, organization, religion or dogma. As he writes in his first book The Messiah Seed Volume I; “If you experience transformation through this book, know it is of your own doing. These Messiah Seeds simply create a space for your choice, your empowerment, and your change.” Story hopes to inspire people to develop and follow their own inner voice, and to love and completely accept their own being.

Story has adopted the term ‘limitlessness’ to describe the state of being where our spirits naturally reside. So rather than encouraging readers to become ‘more than they are’ he empowers them to realize ‘All That They Already Are’ by freeing the Self from the limited beliefs that it has taken on in forms such as fear and lack of Self-worth. In Story’s eyes we are all uniquely special expressions of God and if we must seek a purpose to life then it is to step into the power of that realization and live in the joy that is our being and to share that joy with the world.

Whilst expressing the unity of all life, Story also asks us to embrace our own uniqueness including our perceived imperfections. “Know your imperfection by realizing that it is perfection. Know you are perfectly you, and that you are perfect.” By simultaneously experiencing our unity and individuality Story sees the world transforming into a Unified Diversity; the expression of Heaven /Limitlessness on Earth. Love is seen as the natural state that occurs when we let go of our fears. As Story says, “The time is now. Awaken and speak your dream. I greet you dearest one, as the Messiah that you are.”

Story was born in England and now lives in the Kent countryside. In his early twenties, after studying Clinical Psychology for five years he left university one year short of obtaining his Doctorate, knowing that it was not his path. He started channelling his wider-self developing a powerful connection to his spirit in limitlessness.

Spiritual Competitiveness
The Universe Supports You
Power To Choose Joy
You Cause What Affects You

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Copyright 2004, Story Waters.

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