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  Dear Beloveds, I have been watching and listening as this channel has been engaging in discussion regarding the iniquities of life and the constant battle between various religious and cultural groups on your planet.

Dear ones, I feel it is time for a refresher course in forgiveness. This applies to all of you, regardless of your religious, social, economic or political background. If you are alive in a physical body on planet Earth, or if you are a spirit guiding Earth from the astral or etheric planes, pay particularly close attention to my words here.

The single greatest barrier to your spiritual development is holding grievances. It does not matter what the perpetrators have done. Did you get that?


Maybe they teach you that you are poor, defenceless little bodies of flesh and that you must consume more and more stuff, and spend your lives trying to make ends meet, and that you must obey all sorts of worthless laws and procedures in order to be safe. Yet has it made you any safer?

Life on planet Earth has brought you all of this misery and more. So how you are going to free yourselves? By waving a red, white and blue flag? Come on, beloveds, you are more intelligent than to believe that. Whether you wave the American flag or the Israeli flag or the Iraqi flag, do you not see that you remain stuck in illusions?

No, we are not asking you to deny the atrocities and pretend they didn't happen. We are not asking you to walk around in airy-fairy land, singing a happy tune while your neighbour gets raped. We are not asking you to smile and offer flowers while your governments continue to oppress their peoples. However, within your hearts, dear ones, we are asking you to forgive and forgive completely.


Go ahead and crucify yourselves one last time. You might as well, because you do it every time you harbour resentment and grievances against Anyone.

So today, let's climb up on that cross one last time and utter the words, "Forgive them, for they know not what they do." In fact, let's even go one step further. Let's forgive them even if they Do know what they do. Ooohhh. That's even harder, isn't it. But what a great lesson to learn. No matter what the mind-set of the perpetrator, we can still forgive.

In this eternal moment is everything you have been searching for. But you cannot realize and be aware of this eternal moment if you are harbouring thoughts of hate toward anyone, anywhere.


Every one of you on Earth has made mistakes or errors in judgment. Every one of you has experienced some form of suffering or pain. Forgive it all, today, completely, and without reservation.

Keep forgiving it each and every time an unloving thought enters your mind. It does not matter whether the thought is 'justified' or not. Is there anything that can justify you being stuck in illusions, while the Love of God completely surrounds you, unable to penetrate your shield of hate?

Do not leave one speck of unforgiveness anywhere in your holy mind and heart. Release yourself from illusions today. Make today your day of liberation from all forms of judgment, guilt and shame.


You have been miscreating by allowing unforgiving thoughts to pollute your minds, and what you see around you is the result. All the hate, prejudice, malice, greed, competition, anger, terror, control, manipulation, grief, frustration, anxiety, worry, resentment and grievance you see around you is the result of holding unforgiving thoughts. Isn't it time to let them go?

You have legions of angels, archangels, ascended masters and universal teachers available in the higher realms to help with this. All you need do is ask and they will come to your side in service. Ask today for the help you need and deserve. They will never refuse a sincere call for help. That is why they are here; to help lift you out of your self-made prison of grievance and resentment.

It is time for you to stand up and say 'enough' to your leaders. They are leading you off the edge of a cliff. They are the blind leading the blind. Today, you can stop being the blind followers and start opening your eyes to a new way of living. Today you can truly start creating Heaven on Earth by letting go of everything and everyone who has ever harmed you in any way.


How to balance forgiveness with living impeccably in the third-dimensional world. How do you forgive everyone without becoming a doormat for those who would take advantage of you.

Let me refer you to your pop psychology and specifically to a principle known as separating the behaviour from the person.

"But Leah" I hear you protesting, "that may be true where you're from, but here on Earth it feels darn lousy what so-and-so has done to me."

Oh yes, the experience of victimhood. There is no doubt that being a victim seems awfully real when you are stuck in 3D. However, in order to heal the belief in victimhood, you must learn to step outside yourselves far enough to realize that from God's perspective all is in Divine Order.


Always has been, is now and always will be. Entering into that perspective is the healing you seek. Within that state of awareness, there is truly nothing that can assail you.

Now, back to the question at hand. 'The meek shall inherit the Earth', 'turn the other cheek' and 'walk an extra mile with your brother's unreasonable requests' (okay, I paraphrased that last one), do not mean that you become powerless and directionless and let others decide your fate for you.

No matter what is occurring on your planet, remaining in a non-judgemental frame of mind is essential to your spiritual freedom. Beloveds, you may be called upon to act to prevent a tragedy. You may be called upon to get involved in a dispute. But you must do so from a non-judgemental state of mind.


In your writings, 'The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East', Jesus merely extends his hand toward the advancing army, sending them a beam of loving light, and they turn on themselves and destroy themselves.

Did he destroy them? No. But the power and presence of his outstretched arm, and the energy he commanded, went forth and created an invisible barrier in front of the advancing army. The army, being filled with hate, could have stopped and retreated, but instead they needed an outlet for their anger, and the only outlet available was each other.

Yes, he allowed them to crucify him. Perhaps to some that could be taken as letting others walk all over him. But that was not his point in allowing the punishment to go forward.

  Occasionally, it might look like literally turning your other cheek so you can be smacked on both sides of the head. Other times it might look like intervention. It could even look like active aggression, although this is unlikely.

Confronting another soul is sometimes the best action to take. In the Moslem tradition, there is a saying, 'Trust Allah, but tether your camel'. This means, why not be observant of energies around you and take appropriate precautions to avoid temptation, while at the same time knowing you are safely within the arms of a loving God.

So you didn't think Leah could be practical? I suppose this channel has told you that he is my primary assignment. That means I learn and watch and grow by observing him. He teaches me as well as the other way around. My main experience of physicality lies in observing his experience of the body. He doesn't always listen to me and sometimes in retrospect wishes he had. But most of the time he balances simple faith in God with worldly awareness.


Most of the time you will simply be guided in ways to avoid creating that situation in the first place. As you rely more and more on your own God Presence within, you will find that you rarely need psychic protection and you rarely create unpleasant encounters with other souls.

You will then pray that they will awaken from their illusions and become aware of God's Love in and around them.


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due.

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