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The following discussion is in question and answer format.

Questioner: I’ve been on a conscious path for many years. Every area of my life has improved with the exception of finances. It seems the techniques that work for other things fail to work when it comes to prosperity. Leah, why am I having so much trouble?

Leah: I love these questions. I’ll bet there are a lot of people asking the same question as we speak.


Let’s not be concerned regarding what Mr. Webster has to say regarding these words. We will refine our definitions as follows: Expectation is when the ego takes a desired outcome, puts it in a box, and then bases its happiness on achieving the desired outcome. Having expectations sets one up for disappointment.

As the channel has so eloquently written in his book, ‘Life On the Cutting Edge’ there is a vicious cycle of expectation-attachment-disappointment, because no matter how hard to ego tries to create like God, it always falls short. We expect certain results, we become attached to certain results and we become disappointed when those results do not materialize.

I say ‘we’ as a courtesy because from my vantage point, all is God and there is no such dynamic in the sixth density. So I feel qualified as your loving guide to point out the pitfalls in this approach. This is the closest thing to an ego you can expect from dear Leah.


We expect that as we enter the flow of higher-dimensional consciousness, there will be certain outcomes based on the laws of creativity. We are not emotionally attached to these outcomes, and our happiness does not depend on them, but we know we are co-creators with God and we live our lives as co-creators.

In order to create abundantly and manifest easily in the physical realm, it is necessary to enter a critical shift in the subconscious mind. In other words, the subconscious mind of an individual soul must have a positive momentum of creative and life-affirming thoughts to counter balance the negativity taken on as a result of incarnation into the 3rd dimension.

Many souls think that all they need to do is say enough affirmations and eventually that balance point will be reached. This is an arduous task because you, beloveds, are multidimensional and very little can be solved strictly at the mental level.


So the most powerful step in the process of realizing your abundance is knowing that you can step into the 'flow of abundance', much like stepping into a moving river.

"How do I do this, Leah?" I can hear you asking.

That brings me to the next step. In your meditations, it is important to consciously visualize yourself in this flow. Think back to a time when you felt safe and protected, when everything seemed to be flowing. You can do it; I know there's been a time.


The truth is, you do have everything you need, right now, right here. What does that feel like? Go ahead and pretend, if that's what you think you are doing. You're not pretending, but it may feel like it because you are not used to simply being in the flow of abundance.

In truth, it is impossible not to be in the flow of abundance because that is where God placed you forever and ever. But you can certainly imagine you are not in the flow, and your life will reflect what you imagine to be truth.

Go ahead now and imagine you have more abundance than you can possibly use, in this lifetime or any other. Imagining is how you create, beloveds. You were given an imagination, or 'image-making faculty' for that express purpose.


"All that the Father has is yours" is not mere idle speculation. It is the truth of your being, dear ones.

Today, with my humble help and the help of the channel, you are going to reclaim the ability to create like God. Put away your ego, precious ones, and step up to your rightful place in Creation.

You deserve to have the power of creation. You will not misuse your power this time. Corruption is long gone from your consciousness. You would not be listening to my voice or reading these words if corruption were still an option for you.


Any specific messages, instructions or actions necessary to increase your worldly abundance will be communicated to you by your own God Presence.

All you need to is listen and gratefully follow through with the guidance you receive. Ask sincerely that today will be the day you will follow Spirit 'without hesitation' as some teachers have put it. If doubt tries to creep in, put it aside and reaffirm that today only the voice of Spirit will be your guide.

I am here to gently guide you as you awaken the creative potential within you. I am here as you put aside the last of the thoughts, feelings and beliefs in scarcity, lack and limitation. I am here as you claim your place in the cosmic symphony of life and joyfully begin creating as you were meant to create. I am humbled to be in your presence, dear ones.

I am Leah from 6th density Venus.
I am your humble servant in the Light of the Radiant One.


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due.


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