The Arcturians on Soul Fragmentation
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Greetings in the light of the Infinite Creator. We are the Arcturians. The channel has asked us to speak on a subject that is rather complex and misunderstood by most on Earth. We will try to make the best possible use of your language. The channel will attempt to clarify any misconceptions brought about by the limitations of your language.

In the beginning, the One Being chose to experience itself as individualized fragments, or facets. The common analogy most can relate to is the concept of a pin cushion or sea urchin, whereby the ‘ball’ or centre of the creature represents the Godhead, and the spines or tentacles represent the individual souls. As you can obviously deduce in the sea urchin, the spines are an integral part of the creature, but seem to have an individuality because there are sensors in the tips of each tentacle that experience the surrounding environment, relaying information back to the central core about such things as the location of food supplies, water temperature, etc.

  God manifesting as individualized souls can be likened to the sea urchin if you imagine for a moment that each of God's individual sensor points; souls, reports back to God a unique viewpoint using the physical senses or in the case of disembodied souls as mental/intuitive perceptions.

The first set of integrated souls fragment into 12 pieces, or sub-fragments, in the manner of six male-female pairs. Each of these male-female pairs then fragment again as sub-sub pairs, etc., until you have the current number of individual souls that make up your world at present, and all other worlds inhabited by souls. While there are approximately 6.4 billion individual souls upon your planet, virtually all of these began as a set of 12 primary souls extended from the Godhead.


So far our discussion involves only integrated souls; i.e., souls that are whole and complete within their sphere of influence. But what about non-integrated souls? What are non-integrated fragments? How did they become non-integrated, and can they be made whole again? These are the questions we will attempt to answer next.

Now let us take a look at non-integrated fragments. These are pieces of soul energy that get split off from an individual soul and attach themselves to other individual souls. These fragments are incomplete, meaning they do not have enough God essence to become fully conscious beings. They manifest as apparitions, poltergeists, ghosts, thought forms, discarnate entities and the like. They attach to the auras of other souls and contaminate the integrity of such other souls.


Non-integrated soul fragments occur when the emotional or mental body of an individual soul is traumatized by unhealthy alliances, such as possessive love relationships, karmic contract relationships, such as souls torn apart by becoming war casualties, perpetrators or victims of murders, rapes, etc, and any form of interaction between souls that results in cording, psychic attachments, or entity possession.

If you have unresolved emotional traumas, have become separated from a loved one to which you were emotionally attached, or have violent karma with another soul, there is a good chance that you have fragments of your own soul attached to these other souls.


There are a number of techniques that can be employed to recover your lost soul fragments. The most powerful and effective tool is simply becoming aware of your lost soul fragments and asking your own God Presence to go wherever it is needed to reclaim these lost parts. If you become aware that you have fragments of other souls attached to your auric field, you must release these fragments into the light and ask God to send the fragments back to their rightful owners.

Once you have cleansed yourself of fragments that do not belong to you, and once you have retrieved all your own soul pieces, the process of integration can begin. You must welcome back your fragments and merge them within your own being until you feel whole again.


After you are back to being an integrated soul, you can then become aware of your higher soul family; the other 11 parts of your original integrated over soul fragment. This is a very joyous occasion when you begin to make contact with your soul family.

It’s kind of like when an Earth family scatters themselves around the globe and then comes home for a family reunion. The family is once again together, but each individual has his/her own unique life and experience. Such is the case with soul families.


At another time we will talk about over souls and master souls. These are names given to the primary rays emanating from the Godhead that gave birth to the 12 members of your soul family. We will also go into the nature of twin flames, although we understand Leah may be a bit more qualified in that department, as she is the twin flame of the channel.

We have, of course, only touched upon the intricacies of this matter, but you will likely have a clearer picture than when we began this discussion.

We leave you now, promising to return shortly.

We are the Arcturians.
We bless you in the Light of the Infinite One.


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due.

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