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Grandmother Two Bears

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Did you make one of those tried and true resolutions to do better this year? If you did, you probably already know how easy it is to break a promise made only to yourself.

If you really want to keep a resolution I have a solution. Make it to your animal totem. Believe me, they are formidable partners who will help you keep it.

My first experience with a totem was with a crow. Being born between 23 Sept. and 22 Oct. brought this bird into my life.

A time came when a crow came and sat near my window for five days in a row. Shortly thereafter, I fell painfully ill. I never looked on that bird as the cause of my illness.

Rather, I believe it came to warn me, to prepare me. As my totem, it had my well being at heart. The crow returned one more time, after I had recovered, as if to make sure I was all right.

My second totem experience was a bit more frightening. It was with the 'grizzly bear' that appears in my Indian name. In a moment of great personal despair, I was sitting all alone on the side of my bed, bemoaning my problem, quietly asking; 'Why me?'

I suddenly felt a huge, warm presence behind me.

Rearing as high as my ceiling, paws reaching out, was a huge grizzly bear! I could feel the bear's hot breath on my neck, as the bear moved forward lumbering right through my bed, and through me.

Turning then to face me, the bear looked down at me and growled, "Grandmother. You carry my name. Where is your strength?"

As the bear slowly began to fade, I could still feel the bear's warmth, which penetrated my very bones, giving me the strength to face my problem. The anxiety left me, I faced my problem and solved it.


Later, I was told I had had a true vision, a once in a lifetime experience. I will never really know. I did not fast or pray. I was in great need, and my bear totem, sensing my need, came to me, which is the real power of the totem.

I repeat, totem's are formidable partners. Are you brave enough to make your resolution to your totem, asking your totem to help you keep your resolution?

Grandmother Two Bears.

Crow City Totem Generator

If we do not know what our animal totem is, we can use this link to generate our totem.

A totem animal can stay with us a lifetime, an eternity, or just as long as it needs or wishes to. It is possible to have more than one totem or power animal at once.

The relationship between us and our totem animal is ancient and sacred. We should honour our totem through meditation, art and poetry. We should seek our totem in our dreams, and in the waking world.

The Crow City Totem generator works by synchronicity, the interconnectedness of everything, and the unseen magic that oils our world.

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