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As the earth plane has began the process of moving from a fear based environment to a love based environment, an ever increasing number of us have chosen to awaken spiritually. From the physical perspective of many of us awakening souls, the experience is a spontaneous spiritual awakening.

The experience of spontaneous spiritual awakening, has been described in a variety of ways, from a destabilisation of the brain caused by transcendental meditation, to self enlightenment, to the Kundalini awakening, and a myriad of other labels. As always the labels in themselves are unimportant.




When I began to experience my spontaneous spiritual awakening, which I now know was the choice of my higher self, or simply my choice, I did not know what was occurring. My experiences would have been so much easier if I had known that others had similar experiences, but at the time I did not even have the internet available to start looking for an explanation for what was happening to me. I was also scared to find out what was happening to me.

From our physical perspective, the symptoms of spontaneous spiritual awakening resemble stress, although the stress seems to be an imposed stress not an 'earned' stress which is one of the reasons why our family and friends have difficulty understanding our actions and our symptoms.

Dazed and Confused


There are no rules for spontaneous spiritual awakening and the symptoms vary greatly, because we are individuals. We will usually experience confusion because we find that we cannot do the things which we used to take in our stride. We will often find it difficult to focus on anything, or we will experience unexplained illness.

One of the difficulties which we experience is that our friends and family are unable to understand our state of mind or our actions, and because we do not know what we are experiencing we cannot explain what is happening even to ourselves. Some of our friends will walk away, others who are well intentioned, will be unable to understand why we 'don't just get off our arse and get on with it'.


A Life Discarded


We will struggle to do the essentials of life, and unless we have fortunate circumstances and flexibility we will often struggle to maintain employment. We often have difficulty supporting ourselves, let alone our family.

To our family and friends we appear to have thrown our life away, and often our family and friends cannot see past the fact that what was often a comfortable or successful life has been discarded as the result of some form of 'brain explosion'. If there was a catalyst, such as transcendental meditation, for our spontaneous spiritual awakening, the catalyst is blamed as an 'evil influence'.

Our family and friends will usually determine that we are mentally unstable, and use phrases like 'broke and gone of the rails', or 'gone loopy' and so on. None of which assists us in any way other than to increase our despair.


A Dangerous Time


Our spontaneous spiritual awakening is seldom spontaneous. Usually we have been pushed onto a chosen spiritual path, and we have resisted until we are eventually thrown onto our chosen spiritual path. This is a dangerous time, because the conflict which we experience between our chosen path and our desired path, can if unresolved, lead us to contemplate suicide, I know.

However, we need to remember that all that suicide will achieve is to delay our spontaneous spiritual awakening until our next lifetime, when the symptoms of our spontaneous spiritual awakening will be even more difficult than they are now. In fact, if the symptoms of our spontaneous spiritual awakening are so extreme that we contemplate suicide, it is likely that we are experiencing a repeated lifetime.


Trust Our Instinct


If we find ourselves experiencing a spontaneous spiritual awakening, it will help us to accept that we are not alone, in that there are many experiencing a spontaneous spiritual awakening. We are experiencing our spontaneous spiritual awakening, because we have chosen to experience a spiritual awakening.

The process of our spontaneous spiritual awakening will be easier to endure and complete if we allow ourselves to flow with the experience instead of fighting the experience. Our life will be different after we have completed our spontaneous spiritual awakening.

There will be many who want offer all sorts of advice, but spiritual awakening, spontaneous or otherwise is not an exact science. There is no set of rules which must be adhered to. Our answer, our only answer is to follow our instinct and to do what feels right to us. We will need to put our pre-conceived ideas and rational analysis aside, if we are to avoid further confusion.


We experience a spontaneous spiritual awakening when we are ready to tap into our awareness, and make our awareness a part of our life, usually as the means of moving from a fear based existence, to a love based existence.

A spontaneous spiritual awakening can be frightening if extreme, and if we keep our experiences to ourselves because they seem too 'out there', or because we fear our sanity or the implications of what we are experiencing, we can become literally consumed by the process. The best way to manage our awakening is to share our experiences with spiritually minded people, perhaps via an internet group, which will reaffirm that we are normal, and that our experiences are real.

The process itself is not a competition and there is no prize for finishing first, which is an extension of the reality that there are no advanced souls. All souls are equal.

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