Joseph J. Mazzella

Nature truly has blessed me this year. What looked like an early Autumn has turned into a lasting, colourful paradise. The air has been so warm, the sky has been so clear, and the sunshine has been brightening everything with its golden glow. Most of all the wonderful red and crimson leaves have been staying on their trees day after day and week after week giving their delight to the world. These leaves are usually the first to appear and the first to fall in the Autumns here. We usually only get a few weeks of their beauty before they are gone. This year, though, their joyous colours have lasted and lasted.


As glorious and beautiful as these Autumn leaves are though, there is still something even more beautiful and even more glorious. This something is our own bright shining souls and our own wonderful lives. We don’t have to wait until the last few weeks of our lives either to shine our greatest colours of love and joy. We can shine them brilliantly for years and years and make our entire lives an Autumn of delight.


At any age we can realize that God loves us so very much and wants us to live our lives in goodness, beauty, peace, and happiness. At any age we can see that the more love, joy, and oneness with God that we choose and share in this world the brighter and more special our lives become. At any age we can become the Autumn angels we were meant to be and spend the rest of our days blessing the world with the glorious colours of our loving hearts, joyous souls, and light filled lives.


I wish all of you an early Autumn in your lives then. I wish all of you an Autumn that lasts for years and years and touches countless souls with its brilliance, love, and joy. I wish all of you an Autumn that makes God smile and the angels sing. I wish all of you an Autumn that colours your souls for all eternity.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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