Joseph J. Mazzella
A Bit Of Effort.

As I have shared my writings with more and more people over the years I have been greatly blessed to receive many letters from grateful readers who have been touched by what I wrote and who have admired me for trying to live in love and joy every day. I am always happy to get their letters. It has truly been my great joy and delight to share my writings with as many people as I could. I am always a bit embarrassed, though, by their admiration of me.


You see, anyone can do what I do. It only takes a little bit of effort each day to fill your life with joy, your heart with love, your mind with goodness, and your soul with God.

The truth is that it probably takes less time to create lasting love and joy in your life than it does to take care of your body's daily needs. Most of us spend at least an hour each day eating and another half an hour keeping our hair, skin, and teeth clean. Just think of how much happiness you would have in your life if you spent just an hour each day actively choosing it.


It would probably be more than your heart could hold. Don't worry, though. Hearts full of love, joy, peace, and happiness tend to grow quite rapidly. Any love and light that leaks out of your full heart will only shower blessings on those around you anyway.

Take the time then to choose love and joy in your life. Make that little bit of effort to be one with God in goodness and happiness. Ten minutes of prayer each morning can fill your heart with God's love.

  A sweet smile to each person you meet today can spread delight to the world around you. A kind word, a positive thought, and a loving hug can make Earth seem like Heaven. A minute here and there for a loving act can uplift another's life and transform your own soul. Remember, we all can live like angels with a bit of effort.
  Joseph J. Mazzella
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