Joseph J. Mazzella
A Baby's Smile

I got one of my favourite things while I was at the store the other day. It cost me nothing and yet it filled my day with delight, my soul with joy, and my heart with love. It was without a doubt the most beautiful and precious thing in the store. Nothing else could compare to the happiness it brought, peace it shared, and bliss it gave to all who received it.


The most wonderful thing of all was that it was given free of charge not only to me, but to so many others as well. Its priceless treasure reminded me once again of what wonderful, magical, and miraculous lives we can all lead if we only choose to. What was this Heavenly gift from God that was worth more than anything in the store? It was simply a tiny baby's smile.

Isn't it glorious how something so small as a new baby's smile can bring so much light and love into this world? It is a wonderful reminder to all who see it of who we really are:

Children of God all made by the same loving Hand.


God created us and lives in us from our first smile to our last sigh. God fills us with the magical energy of love that lives in our hearts and the miraculous energy of joy that flows from our souls. God helps us to make sure that this love and joy ripples out to bless this world as well. God guides us to live extraordinary, important, and special lives from the tiny acts of loving, giving, and sharing we do everyday.


May you always share love, joy, and delight then from your first smile as a baby to your last kind act as an adult. May the magical energy of God's love flow from your heart with every smile you smile, hug you share, good deed you do, and loving thought you think. May the miraculous energy of God's joy ripple out from your soul with every laugh you laugh, song you sing, dance you dance, and kind word you share. May you always remember the truth that shines from every baby's smile: God is love, life is joy, and we are all loved.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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