Joseph J. Mazzella
A Blessed World

I just came back from a wonderful walk with my children at the local lake. It was so very beautiful there. The pathway around it was teeming with thousands of wild flowers. Red Clover, white Daisies, and elegant Queen Anne's Lace all decorated the walking path with their beauty. Yellow Buttercups, golden Dandelions, and even Orange Tiger Lilies where also in abundance blessing us as we walked with their sweet scents.


The air off the lake was cool, fresh and uplifting to the soul. The sunlight made the millions of leaves in the thousands of trees there glow with a golden, Heavenly light. It made my heart sing and my spirit soar to be so near to so much beauty, life, light, and love.

We left the lake with smiling faces, clear minds, and peaceful, happy souls. We left knowing that God loved us and all of His children to have given us such a blessed world. It is so good to be able to feel the love of God and the blessedness of His creation in such a way. It helps to clear my eyes.

  The truth is that I see every bit of the ugliness in this world as well. I see the darkness that often lies in Men's hearts. I see the hatred and selfishness that seems to want to tear this world apart at times. I know ,however, that the only way to win against these things is to bring God's beauty to the ugliness, God's light to the darkness, and God's love to the hate.

Only by sharing these things with each other can we make this world a better place one heart, one mind, and one soul at a time.

  Don't be afraid to see the beauty out there then. Don't be afraid to fill yourself with the light and love that God blesses us all with. It is by filling your life with every good thing and then by sharing them with everyone everywhere that you can help God to bless this world with love.
  Joseph J. Mazzella
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