Joseph J. Mazzella
A Full Glass.

"I have always seen the glass as half-empty", said a lady at the restaurant I was eating at. "No matter how things go in my life I always tend to see the bad first". She, of course, wasn't the first person I have heard say this. It seems at times like the glass half-empty crowd is a lot larger than the glass half-full crowd.


I myself have never enjoyed that saying much. It seems to imply that the glass is your life and that it will always be only half-way filled with blessings. It seems to also imply that at least half your life will always be bad. Even if you see the glass as half-full you will still always know that the other half is empty.


I prefer to see the glass that is our life as completely empty, but just waiting to be filled. Beside our glass lies a pitcher full of life's blessings. The pitcher is overflowing with love, laughter, joy, goodness, kindness, happiness, peace, beauty, and delight. How much we pour into our glass and drink down is completely up to us, however. We can drip in a few drops, stop pouring when it is half-full, or fill it to the top and drink it down. We don't have to stop there either. The pitcher never runs dry. We can drink down glass after glass of life's blessings and then offer the pitcher to everyone we meet. Life's blessings were meant to be shared, after all.

  When it comes to filling the glass of life never stop at half-way. Live your life fully and fill your glass fully. God loves you and wants you to have a full glass of every good thing. Drink down all the joy, love, laughter, happiness, and delight that you can in this life. Take that pitcher of life's blessings and fill the glasses of all those you meet as well. God will make sure that the pitcher always stays full. It is up to you, though, to make sure that your glass always stays full.
  Joseph J. Mazzella
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