Joseph J. Mazzella
A Heavenly Smell

I am so glad that I have a nose at this time of the year. With Spring here in the mountains of my home the world is alive with thousands of wonderful smells. The Dogwood, Cherry, and Apple trees are all in full blossom and blessing the world with their scents. The Rhododendron bushes are full of sweet smelling purple flowers as well. Fantastic fragrances are everywhere.

Dandelions, sunflowers, and garden flowers are all airing their aromas while hundreds of butterflies dance among them. It is such a wondrous delight to my nose, heart, and soul to be outside during these glorious Spring days.


It isn't just the outside that brings delight to my nose, however. I also love the smell of coffee in the morning, the scent of my wife's perfume, and the delicious aroma of a home cooked meal.

I rejoice in the smell of freshly washed clothes, a new baby's hair, sweet apple pie, and all the fantastic scents that God gives us everyday.


I think the one scent I enjoy most of all, though, is the scent of a well lived life. Just as certain things in this life can 'smell bad' to the mind, heart, and soul other things can 'smell so good' to them as well. Nothing smells quite so good to the heart as a loving act given freely and happily. Nothing smells quite so good to the soul as a spirit of joy shared unconditionally with everyone everywhere. Nothing smells quite so good to the mind as the knowledge that we are doing what we were meant to do and living the way we were meant to live.


God didn't put us here to stink up the world with our lives. God instead put us here to bless the world with the fragrance of our love, joy, and oneness with Him. May you always share the sweet scent of love with the world then. May you always bring a Heavenly smell to your life.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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