Joseph J. Mazzella
Angels In Disguise

I have been seeing so many more angels lately in my life that Earth is starting to seem a lot more like Heaven. Now by angels I am not talking about the ones in paintings with wings, halos, and robes. I am talking instead of those angels that love to hide behind a human form. They are what I joyously call angels in disguise.


These angels are everywhere. They hide in the bodies of your family, your friends, and the stranger you meet on the street. They greet you from behind the checkout counter and serve you dinner at your local restaurant. They look at you from behind the eyes of a ninety year old and a newborn infant.

They come disguised as the rich, the poor, the vital, the sick, the healthy, and the handicapped. They smile at you from behind beautiful faces and genius intellects and also from within deformed bodies and disabled minds.


How can you tell who they are? It is simple. They are the ones who are radiating love to all those around them. They are the ones who are sharing joy with everyone they meet. They are the ones who are making the world a better place just by being in it. They are the ones who are giving us all a glimpse of Heaven while we are still here on Earth.

  Do you want to know something wonderful? You can be an angel in disguise too. It is true despite your arguments to the contrary. Yes, you are a human being, but you are also a Child of God. Yes, you do live here on Earth, but the Kingdom of Heaven is within you.

Yes, you have made a lot of mistakes in your life, but you can do a lot of good in it as well. Be an angel in disguise then. Look in the mirror and see the halo around your heart. Choose and share love and joy like an angel on Earth should. God loves you so much. Why wait until you reach Heaven to be His angel?

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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