Joseph J. Mazzella
Ageless Love

I saw a lovely old couple in the store the other day. Both of them had to be in their late seventies or early eighties. What was so special about them was that while many of the younger couples nearby were either arguing over something or not talking at all the old couple was holding hands, smiling at each other, and talking sweetly together. I even saw them sneak a kiss once.


They had a light in their eyes that was so beautiful to see. It was clear that they were in love. Love really is an ageless thing. It is the only thing I know that can grow stronger and stronger even as our own bodies grow weaker and weaker. Some of the youngest, most joyous, and loving spirits I know live inside bodies that are old, weak, and damaged.

It is like we can grow younger and more joyous on the inside while our bodies grow older on the outside. The key, of course, is love. No grey hair, wrinkles, or weak muscles has ever taken the glow out of someone's eyes who has love in their heart.


Let us all resolve then to choose love today. The love and joy in our lives will grow greater with each loving choice we make. As we grow older in body we will grow younger in spirit. Our later years don't have to be ones of bitterness and disappointment. They can instead be ones of ever increasing joy, love, peace, happiness, and oneness with God.

  God put us on this world to love. God put us here to choose love, to share love, and to grow in love. All the years of our lives can be full of love. It is up to us, though. Will we grow old in misery and loneliness or will we grow old in happiness and love?
  Joseph J. Mazzella
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