Joseph J. Mazzella
A Lap Full

I think that I need a bigger lap. I have noticed recently that whenever I sit down on my couch these days I instantly have four pets surrounding me. Thankfully, my biggest dog enjoys mainly lying down on my feet. My old beagle doesn't mind only curling up by my side either. It is my smallest dog and my cat that seem to always want lap privileges at the same time.


Needless to say that can get crowded quick. None of my children seem to fit on my lap anymore either. My youngest is nine years old now. All three of my kids seem to be growing to be as tall as Redwoods too. I noticed this most of all when I babysat a friend's two year old daughter. I can't remember when I could fit one of my own kids on one knee like I could her.


Still, even with a too small lap it is a nice feeling when something jumps on it and reminds you that you are loved. If you don't have something to jump on your lap or someone to give you a hug then you should do it yourself. Remind yourself that you are loved. Give yourself a hug. Take your own life in your arms and embrace it. Take your own heart and soul and hold them close. Remember, God loves you just as you are and God wants you to love yourself as well.

  It is time that every single one of us realized just how special we are. It is time that every single one of us realized just how much we are loved. It is time that every single one of us began to love ourselves, hug ourselves, and care for ourselves.

By loving ourselves we begin to grow and become the wondrous beings of goodness and light that God meant for us to be. By loving ourselves we begin to love and help others as well. By loving ourselves we soon find ourselves with full laps, full hearts, and full lives.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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