Joseph J. Mazzella
A Mountain Spring

When I was 12 years old our family moved into a new home. It was in a wonderful, secluded area several miles off the main road and surrounded by trees. The only disadvantage to being so far off the beaten path was that the only water came from a well that was full of sulphur and iron. It turned our white t-shirts yellow and was far too foul tasting to drink.


My dad, however, found a nearby mountain spring that was full of fresh, clear water. I can remember my brother and I carrying the huge 15 gallon water jugs 50 yards into the woods to fill them with drinking water several times a week. It was a difficult walk back carrying a jug in each hand, but the mountain spring water was worth it. It was so light and sweet that it not only quenched my thirst but also uplifted my heart and delighted my soul.


I can still taste that delicious, God-given water in the wellspring of my mind. It reminds me again that the best things in life may require a little bit of work but are well worth the effort. This applies to choosing and sharing love, joy, and happiness most of all. Joy often comes dressed in work clothes, and if I have to do some heavy lifting and carrying to bring a little light into another’s eyes and a little smile to another’s face then I will do so with a song in my heart, a dance in my step, and laughter in my soul.


Let’s make the effort to share love and joy with everyone we meet then. Let’s make the effort to help others all that we can. We may need to do some heavy carrying from time to time, but the wellspring of delight, bliss, and ecstasy that God will bless us with will be well worth the effort. We may need to work at it each day, but the moments of peace, laughter, joy, love, and oneness with God we create and share will flow like a Heavenly mountain spring to fill all of our thirsty hearts and souls.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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