Joseph J. Mazzella
An Old Well.

When I was a small boy my family used to visit my Aunt's house on warm Summer days. While the adults would gather on the porch we children would run and play in the yard and on the railroad tracks near her home.

We never had to worry about getting too hot or thirsty, however, because in the middle of the yard was an old well with a hand pump. We all knew that with just a few cranks of the handle we would be rewarded with fresh, pure, and sweet water.


Even today I can still remember the taste of that water. It tasted more like a mountain spring than an old well. Each drink was a joyful blessing to the tongue and soul alike.

I have often met people who remind me of that old well too. With souls both ageless and forever young they are always ready to refresh anyone who needs them. They are always freely giving the sweet, pure waters of their love and joy to countless thirsting hearts. They are always taking in the blessed rains of goodness that God showers into their lives, storing them deep within their souls, and then pouring them out again to everyone they meet.


The wonderful author, teacher, and theologian John Powell refers to truly wanting to love as being willing to be "the town pump which is there for all to use." Don't be afraid to be that town pump then. Don't be afraid to give the waters of your love and life to all those who need them.

  There is no greater happiness in life than to take that joy and love that lies deep within you and share it with the world. There is no greater delight than using your God given goodness to refresh all the thirsty souls around you. Your well of love will never run dry either. The more love and joy you give to others, the more love and joy God will shower into your soul to delight in and to share forever.
  Joseph J. Mazzella
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