Joseph J. Mazzella
Angel Slides

I was driving home today when I was blessed with a beautiful gift from the sky. It had been a wonderful sunny day with only a few clouds here and there. As I was driving home, however, I noticed that the light had dimmed a little. I glanced up to see a glorious sight.

The sun had drifted behind a particularly huge billowy cloud. I could see the edges of the cloud glowing with light while wide shining sunbeams shot from it in all directions.


My children and I call these sunbeams angel slides, because if you look closely enough at them you can see angels zooming up and down in the dazzling brilliance of them. They are one of the most beautiful things that you can see in this world and I always thank God when I gaze upon them.

I have often tried to share the magical sight of angel slides with others. Some people have been filled with joy and delight when they looked at them. Others have merely glanced up, shook their heads, and said they have more important things to do.


I myself wonder what could be more important than the magic and beauty of life and the wonder of God's creation.

We are all beings of magic, after all. We are all spirits of love and joy. We are all children of God dwelling in the oneness of life. What could be more important than realizing that and celebrating it?


The next time that you get a chance to experience the magic and beauty of life then grab it. The next time you get a chance to share joy, love, and the wonder of God's creation do so.

We are the ones, after all, who bring magic to the world. We are the ones who bring Santa Claus, unicorns, elves, fairies, and angel slides to life in our hearts. We are the ones whom God's love flows through to bless the world.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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