Joseph J. Mazzella
A Treasure Box

Everyone of us in this world carries a little treasure box within our souls. This box is full to bursting with every good thing imaginable. All that we ever wanted from life lies within it. It has love, joy, peace, and happiness in it. It is also full of optimism, enthusiasm, cheerfulness, and merriment.


There is faith, kindness, gentleness, and patience in it as well. There is room too in it for ecstasy, rapture, forgiveness, and trust. Energy, vitality, delight, and oneness with God are packed to the top of it. Even wonder, laughter, fun, and hope lie in this glorious box. All we have to do is open this box everyday and all of these things are ours for the choosing. Sadly, most of us barely even crack the lid in our lifetimes.


I am not sure why this is so. Perhaps there is too strong a belief out there that good things like love, joy and happiness shouldn't come easy. Perhaps there are too many people who think good things must be earned from people and things outside of us and not simply chosen from within ourselves. This is so sad, because the box remains within us all: a precious gift from God just waiting to be opened, enjoyed, and shared with the world.

Do not leave that glorious box, full of goodness, that lies within your own soul closed then. Open it up. Let its joy, love, and countless good things out. Enjoy them, revel in them, and then share them with everyone you meet. God did not intend for the treasures of your soul to be locked away. God wants you to give them to the world and rejoice in the wondrous cycle of giving, receiving, and loving that will result from your gift.

The treasures of the our souls are as eternal and limitless as God's love for us. It would be a shame to leave them locked away when we can instead live in them and share them always.



  Joseph J. Mazzella
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