Joseph J. Mazzella
A Tiny Candle.

Many people have said that our lives on this Earth are just brief sparks of light that make little difference in the grand scheme of things. I have heard countless times how a single human life is just a tiny candle in the darkness of the world. Still, I remember as a boy in 4-H camp how at the final council circle we were all given a single tiny candle.


These candles by themselves were nothing, but as one candle was used to light another the council circle grew less dark. Then as each lit candle was used to light still others the council circle began to glow with a wonderful brightness. In the end as every single candle was lit the council circle was bathed in a glorious, shining light of not only fire but love and joy as well.


It doesn't matter how tiny a candle you may think your life is then. You can use it to shine a little light and love in this world. It doesn't matter how briefly your candle flickers. It can still be used to light other candles and spread love and joy to them. It doesn't matter how small your flame burns right now. You can feed it and build it and watch it grow. You may think that your life is a tiny candle now, but you can make it into a mighty bonfire if you choose. Then all those whose lives are still tiny unlit candles can light themselves from your powerful light and love.

  Light your candle today. Place it gently to the roaring fire of love and joy that God has built for us all. Watch it burn brightly and warmly. Then extend it to the unlit candles all around you. Share your loving, joyous fire with everyone you know and everyone you meet. Feed your fire with goodness and God and watch it cast out all the darkness of the world. Spread all the love, joy, and light you can and your flame will forever burn bright.
  Joseph J. Mazzella
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