Joseph J. Mazzella
A Thousand Fireflies

I was treated to the most delightful surprise the other evening as I walked out onto my back porch. As I looked out I saw what seemed like a thousand fireflies flying around and lighting up my backyard. It was such a joy watching each of them flash their light only to be answered in turn by dozens of others. It made me feel so connected to this world to see such a glorious sight.


It made me feel so at one with God's love to be a witness to so much beauty. I stood out on my back porch for a long time just absorbing the wonder of it all and I gave thanks to God for letting me see it up close.


I have read that fireflies use their lights to communicate with each other. It seemed that this night, though, they were communicating with me as well. I saw their beauty and light not only with my eyes but with my heart and soul as well. My heart and soul filled with love and I smiled as one flew right by my face before lighting up its own body. It seemed to be telling me that I too could share a lot of light and love if I wished.


Maybe we all can take a lesson from our firefly friends. Maybe we all can begin to shine the light and love that lies within us. If we did I am sure that we would get the same results as they do. By shining our light and love brightly we would soon attract the light and love of countless others. Then together we would help to light up the world as well. Maybe this is why God gave us fireflies to gaze upon and enjoy. Maybe God wants to remind us to shine our own light, to share our own love, and to brighten the world with our joy. Maybe like the thousand fireflies in my backyard God wants us all to light up the Earth with our love and make it a bit more like Heaven.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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