Joseph J. Mazzella
Butterflies And Angels.

It is a funny thing how miracles come about. Everyone is always looking for some huge miracle to come out of the blue and save them when they are in a crisis, but they tend to ignore the little miracles that happen everyday right in front of their eyes. They call these little miracles luck or happen chance. I know what they really are, however. For me little miracles are the best kind.

So many of these little miracles happen around me all the time that I know that they are not just luck. One in particular has been happening a lot to me recently and it gives me a special joy.


A few months ago I was telling my daughter some stories about my mom. My daughter was so young when my mom died that she doesn't remember her well. She relies on stories from dad to fill in the gap of not having her grandma here. I tell her all that I can remember of how wonderful my mom was and how much she meant to me.


On one day a few months back my daughter was sad because her grandmother was in heaven now and she couldn't see her. I explained that even though grandma was an angel now she was still watching over us and could send us signs to let us know she was there. She could be anywhere she wanted to be even riding invisible on the back of a butterfly. Just after I said this a butterfly flew down right by me and my daughter and we laughed happily.

  Now many people would say that was just luck that the butterfly flew down at that time. A funny thing, however, has happened since then. Every time I go out in any type of weather I see butterflies. Very often they fly right by my face to get my attention. I always say hi to mom when they do, send her my love, and thank God for little miracles which are the best kind.
  Joseph J. Mazzella
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