Joseph J. Mazzella

I have a new buddy. His kind face and sweet disposition always make my days brighter and my soul lighter. His loving nature and playful personality always make me want to live my life with a little more love and joy as well. I am sure too that my buddy's wonderful friendship will continue to bless me and my family for years and years to come and that his goodness as well as his body will continue to grow and grow and grow.


You see, my new buddy is an eight week old Saint Bernard that we named 'Buddy.' Now you might wonder how I could possibly take in another dog when I already can't lower a hand in my house without a furry head walking under it to be petted. Still, when I saw the light of love and joy shining in my wife's eyes when she first held 'Buddy', I knew I would be making room for him in our home. When it comes to loving others there is always room for one more it seems.

It doesn't matter either if that someone is soon to be two hundred pound dog. I am sure God was smiling when He saw us stop at the truck with the Saint Bernard puppies and I am sure He will enjoy a laugh or two at seeing 'Buddy' walking me when he is full grown.


I know too that this dog will bless my life, my wife's life, my children's lives, and the lives of many others before he is done. His gentleness, sweetness, love, and inability to hate anyone will inspire me to be a better person myself. I will become one step closer to being the person God always wanted me to be thanks to this furry angel. I will hopefully become not only the person 'Buddy' thinks I am, but also the person 'Buddy' already is.


May each of you follow the example of our furry angels out there then. May each of you become the person God meant for you to be. May each of you decide to stick with love and joy and be a buddy to the world.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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