Joseph J. Mazzella

Over the past few years I have been a part of a wonderful organization called the chemoangels. This group of very special people was formed to help others who are going through one of the most difficult struggles anyone can face in life: Cancer.


This group of volunteers helps those facing cancer and going through chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation treatments. Each chemoangel is given a patient to contact and help in any way they can. They send cards, gifts, and letters. They give love, support, prayers, and encouragement. They offer their help with kind minds, compassionate hearts, and caring souls. They look for and they find anything they can to help cancer patients heal their bodies and uplift their spirits. They are there to cheer with each patient who is declared cancer free and they are there to grieve with every family who loses a member to this terrible disease. They are there to make a difference, to share love, and to give joy and they never fail to do so.


When a friend who was a breast cancer survivor told me of this fantastic organization I knew that I had to join. After losing my Mom to cancer when I was still a young man, I felt this was the perfect way to honour her memory and celebrate her life. My Mom was always one to help anyone in need. Even as she faced cancer herself she continued to give her love, laughter, and joy to everyone around her. This is something that I have found to be true about many patients facing cancer as well. They often give more to us than we do to them. They are the true angels.


God bless the chemoangels and the patients that they serve. They have shown me once again that it is in giving that we receive, that it is in helping that we are helped, and that it is in loving that we obtain even greater love. May we all be angels to each other in this life.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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