Joseph J. Mazzella
Choosing To Love

I know a young girl that gives so much love, joy, and light to this world. It doesn't matter that she has been confined to a wheelchair for most of her life. It doesn't matter that Cerebral Palsy has stiffened her muscles and made it hard for her to talk. It doesn't matter that she has to be helped with most of the physical tasks the rest of us take for granted.

All that matters is that she freely gives love to everyone she meets. Her smile shares her joy directly with your heart and her eyes shine their light directly into your soul. The world is such a better place just because she is in it. She is a wonderful teacher to everyone around her of how to choose to love.


This wonderful young girl knows what is truly essential about life. She knows that it is choosing to love that gives life meaning, purpose, and happiness. She knows that giving love to others is the greatest gift we can give and that sharing joy with others is what we are here for. I think God must be smiling down on her when He sees all the goodness, love, and light her soul showers on this world.


I think of this beautiful young girl every time I find it hard to choose to love in my own life. Her glorious example reminds me always of how wondrous, fantastic, and delightful choosing to love can be. It reminds me of what God put us here for: to love, help, and care for each other.

Never pass up an opportunity to choose to love then. When you pass your child in the hallway give them a hug. When your dog or cat walks past your leg pet them. When you see a flower your wife might like get it for her. When you see a friend give them your smile, time, and kindness. When someone you care about is ill send them a card, a gift, and your prayers.


Whenever you see someone in need, help them. Always remember God put us here to love and choosing to love, is choosing to live.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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