Joseph J. Mazzella
Choose To Live.

The Earth has sprung back to life again here in the mountains of my home. Winter's long slumber is over and all around me I see thousands of trees green with new leaves, I smell the glorious scent of millions of new flowers, and I hear the songs of countless birds joyously praising God. Everywhere there is wonderful evidence of new life and fresh beginnings. It makes me smile just to go outside in the morning.

With all this fantastic life around us, though, it still amazes me how many people still refuse to live. There are so many people out there who ignore all the beauty and glory that is life. They pass up every opportunity they are given to choose love and joy in their lives. They live in constant fear of death and yet they refuse to fully live the life that they have.


You don't have to live this way. You don't have to be afraid to live and afraid to die. You can live your life fully and abundantly. You can rejoice in every second you are given. You can seize every opportunity to choose and share love and joy. You can live in wonderful peace and glorious happiness all of your days. The choice is up to you.


What is it going to be? Are you going to live or are you going to die? You are always doing either one or the other. Choose to live then. Choose to look at the trees. Choose to smell the flowers. Choose to listen to the birds. Choose to hug your children. Choose to hold a new baby in your arms and smile.

  Choose to laugh with your friends. Choose to sing along with the radio and dance even when others are looking. Choose to tell someone you love them. Choose to help someone in need. Choose to share a kind word with another. Choose to love and be joyous in that love. Choose to welcome God into your heart every chance you get. Life never ends, but our time on Earth is short. Don't waste it when you can live it.
  Joseph J. Mazzella
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