Joseph J. Mazzella
What You Can Do For Life

I have been blessed the last several days to awaken right as the sun was coming up over the mountains here. I have rushed outside with each new dawn to walk my dogs and to take in its wonderful beauty. It has been so glorious taking the time every morning to watch the night sky slowly turn blue; to gaze upon the morning star and smiling moon shining brightly; to see the clouds glow red, pink, and yellow; and to watch the golden sun rise majestically into the sky.

Each sunrise has filled my heart and soul full of joy, love, and delight. Each morning has made me thank God once again for this glorious gift of life. Each daybreak has reminded me of just how much I am loved and watched over by God. Each dawn has given me a new desire not just to take joy from this gift of life, but to bring joy to it as well.


Leo Buscaglia once said that, “Life is God’s gift to you and what you do with it is your gift to God.” I hope to make my own gift to God a fantastic one. That is why I have stopped asking what life can do for me and started asking what I can do for life.


God has already given me all the love and joy I will ever need. Now all I want to do is to choose that love and joy and share it with everyone everywhere. Now all I want to do is show the rest of this world that they can do the same. Now all I want to do is let others know just how much God loves them and just how glorious, joyous, wonderful, and full of love life can be.


Life gives us all so much. God gives us all so much. It is time we all give something back. Ask yourself what you can do for life. Ask yourself what you can give to others and the world. It can be as simple as a smiling face, a friendly attitude, and a gentle word. It can be as easy as sharing a sunrise, offering a helping hand, or doing a kind thing. Whatever you give will make life better and you happier. Whatever you give will bring joy to others and delight to God.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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