Joseph J. Mazzella
Don't Miss A Moment

I am truly amazed at how rapidly this year seems to be going by. It seems like only yesterday it was Christmastime and now we are already headed for June. I think this may be a good sign, though. They say that time flies when you are having fun. I am sure then that time flies even faster when you are choosing love and sharing joy.


I am becoming aware, however, at just how short even the longest life here on Earth is. I see children swinging at my son’s school and I can remember when I attended that same school and swung on those same swings. I give my son and daughter a hug and notice that they are almost as tall as me now. I can remember, though, when I could hold them in the crook of one arm while I rocked them to sleep. I mow the lawn near the graveyard by my home and remember all of my loved ones who have passed. Then I realize that my body too will one day be resting under a headstone and that my time on this wonderful world will be over as well.


I am doing my best then not to miss a moment of this glorious life I have been given and I urge you not to miss a moment of yours either. Enjoy every day that God in His love has given you on this world.


Take the time to pet your dogs before you put on their leashes for a walk. Take a second to smell that baby’s hair when you hold her in your arms. Take a moment to sneak a kiss when you bump into your dear one in the kitchen. Take a little while to watch the sun go down and the moon rise up. Take a hour to walk among the trees and flowers and feel God’s gentle, loving breezes on your face. Take a minute to call your Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, or Uncle and tell them that you love them. Take the time to write an inspiring letter or say an encouraging word to a friend. Take all of the precious days of your life and use them to bring more joy, love, and oneness with God to this world. Life is short. Don’t miss a moment of it.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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