Joseph J. Mazzella
Creating Paradise

I am well known for my dancing skills, or rather I am well known for my lack of dancing skills. My dancing continues to embarrass my daughter, make my wife roll her eyes, and cause my dogs to bark at me. Still, I keep on dancing.

I dance because it brings delight to my heart and laughter to my soul. I dance because it helps me to rejoice in and love life even more. I dance because I feel the joy of being alive when I do so.


You don't have to shake your arms or move your feet to dance either. I know a beautiful, young woman whose body is trapped in a wheel chair and whose arms and legs are stiff from Cerebral Palsy, yet every time I see her I watch her soul dancing in delight.

She knows that life is a celebration of loving, caring, giving, and rejoicing. Through her joyous laughter and glorious Spirit I have learned more than once that the true dance of life is within ourselves.


God didn't put us on this Earth just to stand around in depression, dejection, and misery. God put us here to grow, learn, and become. God put us here to care, help, and share. God put us here to love, rejoice, and dance. Never stop dancing then.

  Let your smile dance in delight when you greet a friend or loved one. Let your eyes dance in wonder as you see the goodness of God in all the world around you. Let your arms dance from hug to blessed hug. Let your heart dance as it shares love with everyone everywhere. Let your mind dance as it helps you learn and become more and more. Let your soul dance as it embraces the joy of life and gives that joy to all those around you. Let your entire life be a dance of giving, sharing, and growing in oneness with God. Not all of us may be great on the dance floor, but all of us can be great in the dance of life.
  Joseph J. Mazzella
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