Joseph J. Mazzella

"Once I get all these bills paid off I'm going to get me a little house in the country, and then I'll be set." This is what a friend of mine told me the other day. I was going to ask him what he was going to be set for, but sadly I already knew. My friend felt like his life was on hold until he got out of debt and finally purchased his dream home in the country. He seemed so focused on his future dream, in fact, that he was forgetting to enjoy his present.


Dreams are wonderful to have. We have all dreamed what our lives will be like when we finally are able to do this or achieve that. My friend has dreamed of his beautiful country home for many years now. The only problem with dreams is that all too often people refuse to be happy until they have achieved them. In this way dreams become a trap.

People spend all of their time working for a future happiness that may never come. They become so focused on their dreams that they fail to choose the everyday joys that are all around them. A hug from a child, a fresh breeze on your face, the smell of a flower, or a kind and loving thought are all joys that can provide you with instant happiness if you are not too distracted to choose them.


I told my friend how I have achieved many dreams in my own life but how each brought only limited happiness. The true joy I found came not in the destination but in the journey. I encouraged him to keep working towards his dream but to remember to choose all the joy and love he can each and every day of his life.

  Dreams are beautiful things. They bring us hope for the future and give us something to work for. Remember, however, the greatest dream of all is to live each day as God meant for us to: in joy, peace, happiness, love, and light.
  Joseph J. Mazzella
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