Joseph J. Mazzella
Ever Increasing Joy

One of the most fascinating discoveries that I have made in my life is that no matter how much love you give to others or joy you share with them you still end up with more than you started with. It is a wonderful miracle that never stops amazing me.


When I smile and wave at my neighbour across the road I send all of my joy with it. Yet, when I go back inside my house I find that I have even more joy warming my heart and soul than I did before. When I stop to share a few nice words with someone I meet I share my kindness with them as well. Later, however, I find that the kindness in me has grown greater rather than less. When I give my children a hug and tell them I love them I can actually feel the love flowing from my heart and soul to their’s. Still, when I look inside myself afterwards I find that the love within me has increased once again.


I still smile everyday at this wonderful miracle although it must drive the mathematicians crazy. I rejoice in this special law of giving that God has blessed our hearts and souls with. I thank God for the ever increasing joy, love, peace, happiness, goodness, and delight that flows back into my life whenever I share it with others. I hope too that one day the entire world realizes this glorious truth and lives it as well.


Norman Vincent Peale said, “Joy increases as you give it, and diminishes as you try to keep it for yourself.” Never stop giving your joy away then. Never stop sharing your love with the world. You will be amazed at just how much love you can bless others with. You will be delighted at just how much joy you can spread. And most of all you will be surprised at just how much more love and joy grows in your heart and soul when you do so.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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