Joseph J. Mazzella
Expecting Nothing In Return

One of the best lessons that I have ever learned is to never look down on someone younger or smaller than you. They may just be your best teachers in this life. I know that I have learned more about living from babies, small children, puppies, and kittens than I would have believed possible. They have taught me so much about laughter, playing, fun, simple joy, and unconditional love. They have shown me again and again how to truly live and reminded me countless times of how to choose and share love expecting nothing in return.


When a baby smiles at you, a little child gives you a hug, a dog comes up to be petted, or a cat curls up on your lap they are offering you their love freely and joyfully. They are not waiting for something in return. If only all of us could learn or relearn to love the way that they do then what a paradise we could create in this world. Just think of love flowing from every heart and soul in this world expecting nothing in return. Just think of people saying, “I love you”, sharing a smile, and offering a hug unconditionally. Just think of all of us giving each other joy with a puppy’s heart and a child’s soul. Just think of everyone of us loving each other the way that God meant for us to.


Leo Buscaglia once said, “Take whatever people give you. If you appreciate it, hug it, kiss it, and take it in joy, but don’t expect it.” It is only when we give love expecting nothing in return that we truly know what love is. It is only when we give love expecting nothing in return that we learn what it means to give and to live. It is only when we give love expecting nothing in return that we fully feel the love that God has for us.


May we always love then freely, joyously, and unconditionally. May we always follow the wisdom of our youngest and smallest teachers and give love to the world expecting nothing in return.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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