Joseph J. Mazzella
Embrace The Light.

After five days of rain the sun has finally come out again here in the mountains of my home. Nothing makes you appreciate how beautiful sunshine is like not having seen it for almost a week. Right now it is bathing the Earth in its soft, yellow glow.

The way it transforms the grass and green leaves on the trees is truly spectacular. It is so glorious and so spiritual to see the almost golden light reflecting off God's wondrous creations. It makes me wonder if this is the color that angels' halos are. My heart is full just looking at it.


Seeing this light reminds me of all the beautiful lights that are in this world. I think of the pale, enchanting light of a full moon, the twinkling light of a thousand stars, the flickering, comforting light of a fireplace or campfire, and the loving, inviting light of a lamp in a window of a home at night.


I think most of all of the light that lies within each of our souls. No light is more beautiful than this light. This light is pure love and pure joy. It is the goodness of God shining through us. Often you can catch it glowing from a person's eyes or radiating out from their smile. At other times you can see it flowing out from the kind, giving actions that we do, because the more you share this light the brighter it shines.

  We all have this beautiful light within us. It is our birthright as Children of God. How we use it or whether we use it at all, however, is up to us. Don't put a cover over this light. Don't try to extinguish it. Let is shine. The light within each of us can help to light up the entire world if we choose to let it. Make your light burn bright. Nurture it, cherish it, and share it with everyone. We are all, each and everyone of us, creatures of love, joy, and light. Don't stumble around in the darkness when you can instead embrace the light.
  Joseph J. Mazzella
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