Joseph J. Mazzella

We planted some new flowers in our front yard this year. It felt wonderful taking those gifts of life in our hands and placing them in the soil. The flowers have already given us so much in return too.

It is so peaceful now sitting on our swing in the yard and enjoying their beauty. It is so delightful stopping by them on my way out, bending down, and inhaling their sweet smells. It is so glorious going out to get my morning paper and watching them stretch forward to greet the rising sun. It is so joyous seeing them bless this world everyday with their brilliant red, white, and purple blossoms.


We all can take a lesson or two from these wonderful flowers God puts in this world. Like them we all should stretch out to greet the light no matter which direction it comes from.

We all should welcome the rains of life with happiness and use them to grow bigger and more beautiful. We all should plant our roots firmly in the nourishing soil of God's love and joy. We all should bloom where we are planted. We all should share every bit of beauty, color, and sweetness we have with others and delight in making the world a better place just by being in it. We all should be a glorious example of life, beauty, love, and joy to everyone who sees us.


God created everything in this world from flowers to human beings. Why should we be anything less than a masterpiece from God then? Flowers know this. That is why they bless this world with so much beauty, sweetness, color, and life. Let us also be the masterpieces God meant for us to be.

  Let us all be glorious Children of God full of love, joy, beauty, kindness, and light. Let us all fill this world with joyous thoughts, loving feelings, and compassionate acts. Let us all follow the wonderful example of the flowers and brighten the Earth with our lives.
  Joseph J. Mazzella
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