Joseph J. Mazzella
The First Day Of Spring

I am on a tree watch right now. I am keeping my eyes open for the first budding of the trees near my house. It is the first sure sign that Spring has arrived here in the mountains of my home and that the rebirth of the world has begun. Soon the lengthening days and warm sunshine will make the trees here awaken once again. Buds will appear, followed by red, pink, white, and purple blossoms. Next the leaves will appear turning the woodlands here into an ocean of green.


Flowers will shoot up in the meadows. Birds will return from the South to sing their songs of delight. Baby animals will be born. And everywhere the sweet laughter of children playing outside will be heard. It will be a special time, a wonderful time, a time of new life and new joy.


As this glorious Springtime of rebirth gets closer to happening outside my door, I am reminded again how each day for us can be a rebirth as well. Everyday we are given a new chance to choose love, a fresh opportunity to share joy, and a new life to live in goodness and oneness with God. Everyday for us is the first day of Spring and our hearts and souls are always ready to blossom and bless this world with their beauty, love, and light.


Celebrate each new chance you are given then. Rejoice in each new day you are blessed with. God loves you so much that everyday you are given again the gifts of life, of love, and of joy. Let these gifts fill your heart and soul full to overflowing everyday. Share them with the world everyday of your life. Make every single day of your life the first day of Spring. Make every single day of your life an awakening to love, joy, and oneness with God. Make every single day of your life a living testament to the truth that God is love, that life is joy, and that we are all one in this world.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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