Joseph J. Mazzella
Fantastic Life Force

God in His infinite wisdom and wonderful love always seems to find a way to share His glorious ideas with my weak and limited mind. I found one such idea staring up at me as I was walking in a nearby town today. It was one of those miraculous out of the blue insights that I no longer question, but just give thanks for instead. What I saw as I walked down the sidewalk was a beautiful sight, but one that is so often ignored by so many of us. It was a single dandelion sticking though the pavement, delightedly holding its head in the sunshine.


What a wondrous life force it must have taken for that tiny, fragile flower to make it through all of those layers of concrete. Still, there it stood triumphing in the energy, vitality, and joy of its existence. That is when I heard the gentle whisper of God's voice in my mind saying that I too have that life force and that everyone of us here on this world has it as well.


I can remember how that life force flowed through my Mom as she battled cancer in the last four years of her life. During that time she always sought to comfort all of us who loved her. She shared her kind love, her sweet laughter, and her infectious joy with everyone she met. She lived more in those last four years than many people do in their entire lives. In spite of the tons of pavement that she had to break through, she still bloomed and shared the glorious fragrance of her life and love with us all.


This fantastic life force doesn't just live in dandelions or special souls like my Mom's, however. It is here in the hearts, souls, bodies, and minds of all of us. It is a gift from God given with love to everyone. Don't waste it then. Use it, draw upon it, and feel it flowing through your life. Let it flow through your every smile, hug, laugh, and word. Shine it brightly from your soul. Fill your life with its love and joy. And share its wonder with the world.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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