Joseph J. Mazzella

I have always taken the greatest joy in watching birds in flight. There is something so majestic, miraculous, and Heavenly in seeing them soar so effortlessly through the air. It seems that they are so very close to God as they fly above this world with such grace, beauty, and joy. I think they often remind us of how high our hearts and souls can fly too when we live the way we were meant to. Perhaps that is why artists throughout the centuries have so often pictured angels with wings.


The most amazing thing about watching these wonderful birds take to the Heavens, however, is the ease with which they do it. If you have ever watched a bird in flight then you will know that there is very little flapping of wings involved. The birds may flap for a little bit but then they catch a breeze and are soon gliding on the wind. They circle up and down and soar joyously through the air. It seems to take so little effort for them to fly and once they are flying they seem to stay in the Heavens forever.


I think that is perhaps why I love watching the birds so much. They show me that I too can soar through the skies with a heart full of love and a soul full of joy. They show me that I too can reach the Heavens when I share that love and joy with the world. They show me that I too can fly in my life with so little effort. Just by a few kind, loving, and giving choices each day I can catch God's breeze of endless joy and oneness and stay in the Heavens forever.


Don't stay grounded in misery then. God loves you and meant for you to fly. Let your heart and soul take wing and never look back. Let God's breeze of love and joy carry you to the Heavens. Let your life soar in delight and inspire others to take flight as well.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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