Joseph J. Mazzella
Free Of Charge

We were blessed with a glorious Summer morning here in the mountains of my home. It had rained the night before and everything smelled fresh, clean, and sweet. The air was cool hinting of the coming Autumn.

The sun shone down brilliantly bathing the still wet leaves on the trees in a golden light. I felt more alive with each breath I took of the morning air. I looked in amazement at the beauty all around me: the glow of the trees, the brightness of the sun, the blue of the sky, the white of the clouds, and the flight of a Hawk that soared overhead. It was a wondrous gift of God to behold and it could never have been duplicated for any price.


Have you ever noticed how the most priceless things in life are the things you get free of charge? God gave that fantastic morning to me and everyone else without asking anything in return. All we had to do was look around and enjoy it. That morning is only one of countless free gifts that are all around us too.


The delight in a new baby's smile, the sweet music of children laughing, the gentle affection of a beloved pet, and the joyous sound of a loved one telling you that they love you are all free and are all worth more than any amount of money.

The kind words of a friend, the shining smile of a happy face, the uplifting beauty of nature, and the warmth in your heart when you choose and share love and joy are all free and are all riches mere money could never buy.

  If you want to be the richest person in the world then rejoice in all the gifts you are given free of charge. No person on their deathbed every wishes that they had bought another car or piece of jewellery. The real wealth in life comes from love and joy not cash. The truly rich person is one who embraces life and all of God's glorious gifts and then shares them with the world.
  Joseph J. Mazzella
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