Joseph J. Mazzella

Of all the wonderful gifts that God gives us one of the greatest is freedom. As much as we may deny it we are free in this life. We are free in what we think, free in what we feel, free in what we say, and free in what we do. Yes, life may give us some very difficult circumstances at times, but we are still free in how we choose to react to them.


Many people in this life deny their freedom. They sit back in their misery and blame it on their parents, or their childhood, or their country, or their health, or their financial problems. They never once stand up and take responsibility for their own lives and their own happiness.


The truth is God gives us the power to choose love and joy in our lives no matter what happens to us. Whether we are wealthy or poor we are still free to choose joy. Whether we had great parents or terrible ones we are still free to choose love. Whether our childhood's were good or miserable we are still free to choose happiness. Whether our health is robust or rotten we are still free to choose fulfilment. Whether our country is a democracy or a tyranny we are still free to choose peace and delight within our own hearts and souls. No one has ever been or will ever be strong enough to take our freedom away from us.

  Don't deny your freedom then. Rejoice in it, cherish it, and use it everyday of your life. Remember, you are free to create the type of life you have always wanted. The choice is up to you. May you fill your life with kindness, joy, sunshine, delight, peace, happiness, laughter, love, and every good thing. May you live freely, choose wisely, and share generously all the wonders of your life. May you use the freedom that you have been blessed with to make your own life a blessing to yourself and to the world.
  Joseph J. Mazzella
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