Joseph J. Mazzella
I Forgot Something Today

It struck me around noon as I was trying to get some housework done that I hadn't smiled very much today. It occurred to me as I was vacuuming that I hadn't laughed either. I realized too that while I was rushing around this morning I hadn't yet thanked God for the day.

I also thought about how little today I had chosen to think joyfully, or to send my love to others, or to pray. In my hurried, hectic morning somehow I had forgotten the most important thing of all. I had forgotten to be happy.


Thankfully, I was able to see what I was doing and turn my day around before it became a total waste. I smiled at my children, petted my dogs on the head, and relaxed into the joy that was always there waiting for me to choose it. What started out as a miserable, stressful day soon became a very happy one.

Nothing had changed, of course, except for me. Isn't it wonderful that the only thing you have to change in this life in order to be happy is yourself? God loves us all and wants all of us to be happy. God won't force happiness on us, though. The choice is always left up to us. Some people think that being happy is something you do once you have solved all your problems or gotten all of your work done. This, however, is foolishness. If happiness has to wait until everything else is done then no one will ever be happy.


Instead of waiting then make your choice for happiness first. You will be surprised at how easily you will handle your problems when your heart is full of happiness. You will be surprised at how wonderful your work will seem when you do it with joy and love.

  Start off each new day with smiles, laughter, thankfulness, joy, love, and prayer. Choose to live each day in the happiness God gives to you. Don't waste half a second on misery, let alone half a day or half a life.
  Joseph J. Mazzella
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