Joseph J. Mazzella
Giving From The Heart

I read recently that donations to charities are really down this year. It is so sad to hear this. I can understand that a lot of people feel that they have given enough already, but it is hard to hear how so many charities who do so much good in this world are suffering because of it. The worst part is that the people who aren't giving to charity are losing out too, because when you give to others you give even more to yourself.


I myself know that when I give just a little bit of my money to help another that my heart is filled with a wonderful joy that is priceless. It doesn't just happen with money either. That joy flows into my heart and soul when I give of my time, when I give of my energy, when I give of my talents, and when I give of my love. Every time I give to someone else I receive back so much more.


It is not just people either that you can give to. You can give to animals as well. I know that every year a good neighbor of mine takes the time to set out apples and corn to feed the sweet, beautiful deer that live in the woods behind our home. You can even give back to the Earth itself. Another good neighbor of mine just recently planted a tree in his backyard. That tree will be a gift of beauty, a giver of fresh air, and a home for birds for many years to come.

  Take joy in giving then. Take great happiness in helping others with your money, time, talents, energy, and love. Don't give grudgingly out of some sense of duty either. Give instead from the heart. It is only when you give from the heart that you get back that glorious joy that is God's gift to you. It is only when you give from the heart that you help to make this world the paradise God wants it to be.
  Joseph J. Mazzella
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